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Scary, scary! It snuck up on me. October 31, 2007

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For some reason, Halloween snuck up on me this year. Boo! Despite my across-the-street neighbor’s incredible display that’s been up for nearly a month, costumes, giant sacks of candy and pumpkins being sold just about everywhere, and even attending a grown-up costume party with my husband, Halloween still said: “Boo! Boogah, boogah!” to me. Maybe it was because we had some unseasonably warm weather during the first couple of weeks of the month and it felt more like summer than anything remotely having to do with a fall holiday. Maybe it’s because I’ve been working so hard on my book and on my just-hit-send list, which is a board at the Absolute Write forum, where we list our goals and can encourage one another to complete them. Maybe it’s just because I was in denial about it being the start of the holiday season. I say the start, because it’s only a few short weeks until Thanksgiving, then Christmas and New Years, and then with my son’s birthday in February, for us, the holidays and all of its planning last for four months. Last year, when it was his first Halloween, I was way ahead of the game—this year, not so much. Had it not been for the kind note from my son’s Kindermusik teacher reminding us that last Thursday was Costume Day, I probably would have been running out at the last minute either last night or today to get him one. The good thing was that I got his bright orange Tigger costume on sale at 30% off, becoming justified in waiting to purchase a costume that he will wear twice this season; a costume that in the week since I bought it, my darling boy has grown enough so that the cuffs and wristbands that fit perfectly before, now expose skin. (That was Halloween thumbing its nose at me, I think.) At least I remembered to charge the camera. Hopefully Thanksgiving and Christmas won’t sneak up on me in quite the same way.



1. shari - October 23, 2008

“Boo, Boogah, Boogah!” I love it. It did the same to me.

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