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Goals & Networking November 1, 2007

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I just posted my list of goals for November at AW, where a bunch of us regularly list our monthly goals in the JHS (just hit send) challenge.  I tend to be a list-maker anyway, so starting to do the JHS list came naturally for me. What’s great about it, aside from the camaraderie and encouragement from others, is seeing your goals and being held accountable for them. Not that anyone’s going to tie you down and beat you with the type-bars of an Underwood, but posting them live for others to see is different than having your personal to-do list on a sheet of paper or in the computer.  It’s a different kind of networking, but an experience that’s value can’t really be matched–especially when you work from home and you meet up with your colleagues at virtual water coolers and break rooms.  When you share your goals, like we do at AW, you can draw inspiration from others as they accomplish their goals, receive feedback and encouragement, and learn not to sweat it if you miss your target because of other assignments that come up or when the realities of non work-related life “interfere” with one’s professional goals at a given moment. (And sometimes, when that happens, it ends up being fuel for some really good writing.)  I’m sure that some reading this are thinking, “but aren’t a lot of you going for the same assignments, targeting the same publishers and editors?”  Sure, we probably are, but that’s not the point. Even if what we write is similar or targeted for similar markets, your ideas are still your own, and once you submit, it’s out of your hands for the editors, agents and publishers reading your work to make their decisions. But I also think that we realize that by sharing goals (and sometimes work) and supporting one another, we only become better writers. 

In October, I had a list of 26 goals, of which I accomplished 20.5.  I ended up succeeding with four additional things that weren’t on my original list, and the 5.5 that I didn’t make, I knew would end up moving to November’s list.  November will be a challenge with 28 goals, including doing NaBloPoMo for the first time.  But, I’m ready to look November in the eye and say, “Bring it!” 

p.s. this is my first official NaBloPoMo post. Woo!

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