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GreenBlog 1: Review–FrunchyMama Magazine November 2, 2007

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The first issue of FrunchyMama Magazine has just launched! I, for one, am really excited about this new publication. It is filled with information about the issues that are relevant to parents/families who are interested in natural, earth-friendly, green and organic lifestyles. FrunchyMama Magazine contains articles about consumer issues, alternative health issues and general lifestyle issues. The magazine also features a teen column, a dad’s column and first-person mama stories as well. FrunchyMama Magazine should be a welcome compliment and resource for anyone looking to start, continue or enhance a greener, more natural way of life.

Now that I’ve thrown around the term Frunchy, you’re probably wondering what that is, and whether I’ve misspelled “crunchy.” Nope. I haven’t. “Frunchy” means fashionably crunchy and describes:

the person looking for a balance between natural and traditional. It’s a practical approach to parenting- one that helps save time, money, and stress ~ while still maintaining many of the convenience items we have grown up using.


“Frunchy” doesn’t lock you into being one specific sort of “green” and acknowledges the various ways and broad set of options for adopting a more natural/greener existence. The term was born at frunchymama.com’s “big sister site,” babytalkbio.com, when one of the long-time members coined the phrase during discussions about natural parenting. The name stuck.

Since then, the frunchymama.com community was built and has evolved into a thriving community of frunchy folks. It’s latest addition is FrunchyMama Magazine, a downloadable electronic publication, that you can read it at your leisure–no additional paper, no additional waste, nothing cluttering your mailbox. Give FrunchyMama Magazine a whirl and while you’re there, check out the forum and connect with other frunchy parents.

Green issues and natural parenting issues are close to my heart. As a frunchymama myself, I can say without reservation, that FrunchyMama Magazine gets 5 green stars.


This is the first in a series of green blog posts that I’ll be doing, so stay tuned.

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