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Babyhood…going, going… November 3, 2007

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My little guy will be 21 months old in a few days. In every way, he is a full-fledged toddler. He has moments of “showing his two” as we call it in our house, choosing to avoid the phrase “terrible two” within his earshot. But most of the time, even when “showing his two,” he’s an absolute joy–curiosity overflowing, trying new things, asserting his independence and sense of adventure. Each new discovery becomes a rediscovery for us, sometimes something we hadn’t looked at before or in a long time, and certainly not from the perspective that is uniquely his.

My husband and I embrace each new stage of our son’s, looking head-on towards the adventures and challenges that they bring. Aside from a brief period of post-nursing depression after 15 months of breastfeeding, I have yet to really mourn a passing stage. Until now. Now, because he is loosing his baby smell. This isn’t the smell of baby-bath and -grooming products. It isn’t the smell of Dreft or other baby-related products. This is the smell that is uniquely his, the smell that he was born with, the one he had before his first bath. And it is disappearing, now contained only on the very top of his head and the little nooks behind his ears where they meet his jawline. It’s being replaced by the smell of sweaty boy, a boy who runs vigorously around the house, slides into piles of leaves, scampers down the block as fast as his legs will carry him and kicks size-1 soccer balls with great gusto all while screaming his signature “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” I love watching his strides–playing, tumbling, jumping, learning…and growing with him. My husband does too…often the instigator of body-shaking-laughing shenanigans. But when we sit down and snuggle, when he climbs up me to be held so that we can “Coun! Coun!” (as he says) the numbers on the refrigerator, and when he curls up in my lap to read, I can’t help but bury my nose in his curls or behind his ear, and inhale the baby smell. By no means do I want to keep him a baby…but oh, how I wish I could bottle that sweet perfume!



1. AmyDoodle - November 4, 2007

My “baby” is 17 years old, but you zipped me back in time in an instant. You never forget that smell, even when they’re old enough to have to bend down to kiss your cheek or whisper in your ear. Treasure every moment and you’ll still have those moments in your heart when they move on to greater things. . .like driving a car. Great piece!

2. Jerry Allen - November 5, 2007

Oh, man, you hit it right on the head. My little girl is 2, almost 3 and I remember those baby smells. I love her more than anything on this earth now, but when she was a baby, I was goo goo over her. She still melts my heart with her smile, everytime I look at her.

thanks for that post!

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