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Tough Love… November 5, 2007

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My darling boy does everything to the fullest. He is a living example of the old Irish proverb that says, in part: 

  …dance like no one is watching;
sing like no one is listening;
love like you’ve never been hurt … .

But sometimes, his love does hurt.  After his bedtime stories tonight, he scampered along my husband’s prone body, who reached to give our son airplane rides–doing chest presses with all 32 inches and 27 pounds of boy.  When the airplane rides were over, our son straddled his papa’s belly as if riding a horse and proceeded to bounce, bounce, bounce.  With every “oomph!” groan and wince from my husband, our son giggled harder and tried to bounce higher, until my husband was finally able to unleash the tickle monster.  With squeals of glee and pure unadulterated delight, our son wiggled, giggled and screamed, slapping both hands upon my husband’s cheeks with a great “thwack!” leaving two small red spots to form in their wake.  Of course, since papa’s facial expression was so funny (to our son, anyway), he did it again. “Thwack!” and then leaned in to kiss papa on the nose.  So a couple of fading pink spots later, a fleeting belly ache, some sore ribs, and a great rush from all of the laughter made this kind of tough love worth every moment.



1. Jerry Allen - November 7, 2007

I remember seeing a typewriter once. It was my grandfathers and he used it daily. He even had clippings that he clipped out of the newspaper to save for us. “Current Events” he called them. Pasted them in a book for posterity. I wonder where that book is now…hmmm. Maybe my mom has it. Anyway, My wife and i were just saying today that we couldnt imagine not having internet access or computers.

These are the times we live in! Oh well…got go check my email :D!

2. Jerry Allen - November 7, 2007

I posted my comment above to the wrong post…but I wanted to comment on this one too.

Dont you just love when they are having that much fun? My little girl LOVES to play the “ride daddy’s belly” game and does the same things that yours did…she is such a little daredevil! The best feeling in the world, though, even after the pain of being bounced on and jumped on and kicked and slapped by the little ones…the best feeling is when they hug you or kiss you afterwards. Makes all of that pain just go away!

Sounds like your son is full of fun and laughter…enjoy these days with hi, i know i am with mine!

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