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A Rivalry that Gets Into Your Blood November 7, 2007

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Hail to the Victors, Valiant
Hail to the Conquering Heroes

Tonight my husband and I attended the reception and Michigan preview of Emmy-award winning George Roy’s HBO Sports documentary Michigan versus Ohio State: The Rivalry, at the Michigan Theater. The film premieres on HBO Tuesday, November 13 at 10:30 p.m. EST.  Among noble company (we sat near the late Bo Schembechler’s family during the screening), former players and coaches and others involved in making the film, for an hour we watched a tribute to what can only be called the greatest rivalry in sports history. If you’re wondering how we ended up there, it’s because my husband (UMich BSEE ’92, MBA ’00) is also in the film.  (He has 14 minutes left, according to Andy Warhol.) The film was excellent (and not just because my husband is in it), a fine work of documentary craftsmanship that got to the history and the heart and soul of a rivalry that gets in the blood.

Hail! Hail, to Michigan
The Leaders and Best…

There is something about Michigan football. An alumna “by injection,” I have caught the sickness. Our toddler knows the fight song and chimes in on every “Hail!” raising his right hand accordingly. The Wolverines are my adopted team, as my alma mater didn’t have a football team. (I know; it’s perilous.) Watching Michigan football gets into your blood, your skin…it is…enveloping.  And the rivalry itself is deeper than any other, no other rivalry can touch it…not even those of the Crimson v. Bulldogs or Army v. Navy can.  Roy captures this essence in the film…showing how for both teams and fans alike, regardless of the rest of the season, it’s all about one, specific game on the third Saturday in November, the last game of the Michigan and Ohio State seasons.

So, decked in our maize and blue, on Tuesday, we’ll be watching the film again, but on the small screen instead of the silver screen. And next Saturday, we, along with thousands of other faithful Wolverine fans will be wearing maize chanting “go blue!” while watching yet another chapter in a century-old football rivalry legacy, and singing loudly:

Hail to the Victors, Valiant
Hail to the Conquering Heroes
Hail! Hail to Michigan
The Champions of the West!


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