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Papa gets busted! November 7, 2007

Posted by emsgeiss in Nablopomo, parenting & family, toddlers.
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Busted by a toddler, that is. The other day, in the midst of raking leaves and doing what was probably the last mowing of the year, my husband came inside to grab something to drink and go to the bathroom. Our son loves the bathroom, so as soon as he hears a bathroom door open in our house, he comes scampering to check out what’s going on. My husband and I have turned “bathroom interruptions” into toileting preparation. After covering the toilet, we let our son do the flush and say “bye, bye.”  He takes great delight in this “job.” Then we wash hands.  Well, this time, Papa had finished and flushed, but before the boy caught up with him in the bathroom. As Papa started to leave the bathroom, he was encountered by 30-some-odd inches of child, pushing him back into the bathroom. Pinning him between the door and the sink, our son grabs his step-stool, pushes Papa aside, places the step stool at the sink and gets on it, motioning to the faucet.

I hear my husband laugh and say, “Well yes, you are absolutely right, Papa should wash his hands. I guess I’ve been busted.”  And wash they did.

Note: My husband does usually wash after using the bathroom. 😉



1. Jerry Allen - November 8, 2007

He sure is learning early that hygiene is best after going to the bathroom, huh? I wish my little girl would learn that.

Great post…I laughed out loud at this one…wife thought I was nuts!

2. emsgeiss - November 8, 2007

LOL. 🙂

Next week, for all I know, he’ll completly abandon being the hygiene police in favor of flushing toothbrushes. (I certainly hope not though!)

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