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Toddler + Open Bathroom Door = Recipe for Disaster November 12, 2007

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Or a near disaster anyway. Today, I made the numero-uno mistake in our house. I left the downstairs bathroom door open. It was right before I left the house to pick my son up from my mother-in-law’s house. Given how traffic can be near rush hour, I decided to make a “pit stop” before leaving. Then the phone rang. After the brief call, I grabbed my keys and the other essentials and headed out the door.

Picked up my little sweetness, got back home, unloaded the car and started to make dinner. He was content, playing in the living room…or so I thought. The next thing I hear, is the unmistakable *splash* *splash* “wheeeee!” from somebody making mischief.

Oh, no. I thought.

Then came the “uh, ohhh!” as I ran into the bathroom.

The good news is that nothing was in the toilet that shouldn’t have been there. Nor was there anything that should have been, for that matter. But the boy was a splashy mess, as was the bathroom–a nice new venue for foot splashing and water tap-dancing.

Getting him out of the sweatshirt and his hands and face washed was an adventure onto itself, as the tasks were met with ample protests.

Of course, I can’t fault him…he was just doing what toddlers do…taking advantage of an opportunity to explore something that’s new and exciting.

Lesson learned: Mama now must add checking the bathroom doors to the pre-flight check-list.

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