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So victors we weren’t… November 17, 2007

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Not today anyway. 

The Wolverines let us down this year (again) for the 104th meeting against OSU. And while the fans certainly showed up for the game, staying through a steady, cold rain, the team was physically there—on the field that is, but they didn’t show up mentally or emotionally.  Sure, it was raining, field conditions precarious, the ball slippery—blah, blah, blah…but that doesn’t excuse an 11-point loss to those hairless nuts—the buckeyes.  OSU really didn’t do anything spectacular, except show up. And there was no reason for the loss…except Henne and Carr. I hate to say it, since he’s been our beloved Number 7 since his days as a true freshman. But with his injured shoulder and throwing as poorly as he was today, last-game-of-senior-year or not, Carr should have pulled him out, after the first quarter-full of “Number Seven Incomplete” calls.   The man just could not connect.  By the middle of the third quarter, you could see that the Wolverines hearts’ just weren’t there. But the fans rallied on, many of us defying common sense to get in out of the rain and staying on through the bitter end.  So with a 14–3 win for OSU, they get to claim bragging rights for this year’s Big Ten title, even if we do have the better record in the history of the teams’ more than century-old meeting. 

While the clichés are flying and the tag lines for next year’s crop of T-shirts are being made, we will put this season to bed (and bury this last game) and hope for true victors and champions to return to the big ten gridiron next fall.  In the meantime, we’ll focus on Wolverine hockey.  Go Blue! 



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