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Strange parenting skills November 18, 2007

Posted by emsgeiss in Nablopomo, parenting & family.
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When you have a toddler, you find yourself doing all sorts of odd things to amuse them and often to diffuse them in an attempt to redirect behavior that’s otherwise unwanted. At least that’s the case in our house. Yesterday, during a near tantrum, I decided to juggle to distract him from whatever it was that he wanted to do and wasn’t supposed to do. It was such a minor thing that not only have I forgotten what it was, I was able to distract the boy while my husband removed whatever temptation it was from the room. I realized that juggling is among the list of skills I never expected to use in real life—ever—and certainly not as a parent. Parenting has all sorts of surprises apparently. (No pun intended.)

Today, my son walked into the living room carrying two balls—one in each hands, waving them up and down, alternating the direction of his arms. He was trying to juggle! I wouldn’t have thought that yesterday’s distraction/redirection would have had such an impact, and it made me think of the random things that we do as parents to shape our the experiences of our children—things that we seem to be able to pull out of nowhere, that you would expect to be fleeting, yet seem to have a lasting impression.

Sometimes I think that as parents, and especially as parents of toddlers, we sell ourselves short, thinking that we can’t handle “it” or that we’re not doing the right thing as they navigate their own internal conflict of what they want to do versus what they are able to do (or have permission to do)physically, cognitively or developmentally. Sometimes it takes a bit of random creativity to turn toddler’s frown upside down or a near tantrum into giggles and us as parents relatively sane.

I guess for now, juggling seems to work…as long as he doesn’t ask me to do it at a fancy party or at Crate and Barrel, because then, we might have a problem.

Getting Mama to juggle some bean bags…a photo essay.

Gets beanbags from bin hands-mama-2-bean-bags.jpg hands-mama-2-more-beanbags.jpg

juggling-begins.jpg more-juggling.jpg pureexcitement.jpg

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1. Jerry Allen - November 19, 2007

LOL…kind of weird the things we do to please our children! I would have NEVER thought to juggle…funny faces, making myself contort into a pretzel…ANYTHING but juggle!

2. weirdits - November 19, 2007

Cirque du Son….nice!

3. Dawn Allcot - November 22, 2007

Awww… I love this story!! 🙂 I’m glad my husband knows how to juggle, cuz I sure can’t!

That was one of the ways DH won my heart–he juggled for my 7 year old niece and 3 year old nephew the first time he came over my house. All the neighborhood kids were there, as it was fourth of July, and they all thought it was the coolest thing. 🙂

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