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Giving Thanks November 22, 2007

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My husband and I have much to be thankful for, loving families, our own little nuclear family, God of course, good friends, fulfilling jobs and most recently, that our little guy only sustained a fracture to his humerus after a tumble down the stairs. And, on a funnier note, I’m thankful that my sister-in-law took the helm to host Thanksgiving this year.

On a day like today though, it is hard to not think of those who are less fortunate in many ways. Those who are thankful that they can take another breath today, those who are thankful for the basic things that most of us take for granted…a simple meal, much less a feast; a new pair of socks much less an overflowing drawer-full; a pair of shoes, much less too many to count.

Yet, as many of us stuffed ourselves with obscene amounts of food and drink, watched football, and dealt with the annual holiday dysfunctionality, there were many more who went without. And while we indulged, we were prompted by an onslaught of ads prompting us to indulge even more, by emptying our wallets in the name of Black Friday sales. Many are giving thanks for Black Friday sales, their alarms set for times that would have them grumbling if the office said they had to be up at that hour.

Thanksgiving is one of our few truly unique American holidays, regardless of one’s view of the historical accuracy for its merits or the reasons for celebrating it. Somewhere along the lines, we’ve lost the meaning of giving thanks and see it as the start of the shopping season frenzy, a period of marked overindulgence in the consumer machine.

So let us give thanks today, and every day for the simple things…our health, our families and any gifts that we may have been fortunate to have bestowed upon us. And hopefully, between this thanksgiving and next, we can all do more to help others who are less fortunate to have more to be able to give thanks for next year.

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