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Ah…Black Friday November 23, 2007

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The last time I checked, Black Friday was the Fisk-Gould scandal that occurred on September 14, 1869 when “James Fisk and Jay Gould attempted to corner the U.S. gold market.”  In the finance world, it has alternatively been applied to the September 19, 1873 stock market panic triggered by over speculation.  (Perhaps everyone was talking like a pirate and didn’t get the bids right?)  Apparently Black Friday will forever have financial connotations, since today, it means the Day After Thanksgiving Sales thanks to the retail world. For the retail world, it means potential big bucks as they offer ridiculously low prices starting with “door busters” and other incentives at obscenely early hours.  For consumers, it means parting with even more hard-earned cash in the name of getting a presumably great deal and a head start on holiday shopping.  For this, people stand in insanely long lines, which in many places at this time of year, means being up before dark and braving wickedly cold weather.  I wonder if they realize that there will be many more sales between now and Holiday…um…I mean Christmas. 

 The last thing that I need the day after Thanksgiving is to get up before my son ever would, stand in line outside for hours before a store even opens just so that I can join the shopping frenzy in the quest for lower than low, low prices, only to wait in line some more at checkout amidst irate, gloating or disappointed customers only to be served by overtaxed and often incompetent cashiers.

Now, tonight when we watch, listen to or read the news, and the retail reports come in, we will probably hear (once again) that the revenue from Black Friday shopping was lower than anticipated, despite the number of people who engage in this new American after-Thanksgiving tradition.  Given the history of the term “Black Friday,” maybe the retailers are shooting themselves in the feet by adopting a term with such negative and perilous financial connotations.

I for one, will be sitting this tradition out and enjoying some extra sleep, and a morning of snuggling with my husband and son, and a nice, leisurely breakfast.  

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1. Jerry Allen - November 24, 2007

Go read my post on my blog if you want a little insight into working retail on Black Friday! It was a strange day to say the least!

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