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This just in… November 24, 2007

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As I predicted in my Black Friday post yesterday, “Analysts say [this year’s Black Friday] sales were the weakest in five years”  according to a report by CNN.  This is despite predictions of Black Friday sales to reach $20 billion.  Hmm. 

The frenzy was on, yesterday, as a favorite blogger of mine posted about yesterday. Describing the queued shoppers as flying into the store as soon as the doors opened as if they were storming the Beaches of Normandy and creating enough chaos to warrant bringing in law enforcement, the post is eye-opening.  I hope he (and all of the other retail workers doing Black Friday duty got combat pay). 

The lunacy is expected to continue today, as stores offer more incentives to come in early, stay late and buy, Buy, BUY!  Don’t worry though, if you can’t make it to the mall today. There’ll be more sales next weekend. 

The great thing about the Black Friday madness…it gives us writers plenty of inspiration.

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1. Virginia Lee - November 25, 2007

Free shipping and bargains keep my glued to my computer when it comes time to shop. I refuse to do anything but buy groceries, shoes, and houseplants live and in person.

Also, it’s darned convenient to have things delivered to your door. I’m now getting toilet paper delivered by the case and it’s just so nice to not have to worry about running out. My mom lamented the other day about having to buy toilet paper constantly when she was running our houseful of six people. And that was back when it only came in 4-packs of single rolls!

2. emsgeiss - November 25, 2007

Virginia, I am so with you! I sat with my catalogs and put stickies with the names of recipients on them already. Between being able to get beautiful wrapping paper at paper source and doing on-line shipping with the post office, holiday shopping’s a breeze. No lines, no riots, no stress. And for groceries…when I lived Back East, I used Peapod for my groceries, and there are days when I wish we had them here in Michigan. Weren’t our moms and grandmas amazing, with the resources they had to work with back then?

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