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You know you’re a co-sleeping parent when… December 1, 2007

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…you wake up (either in the middle of the night or in the morning) to all sorts of strangeness that only happens to parents who co-sleep.

My husband and I are “frunchy” parents. Among the frunchier things that we’ve always done, is co-sleep with our son. First it was in the family cradle, on my side of the bed, unless he was in bed with us to nurse. When he was really tiny, sometimes my husband would hold him on his chest, propped up, cuddling his boy, his boy soothed by the sound of his father’s heartbeat and breathing, while Papa gave Mama a chance to rest between middle-of-the-night feedings.

But I digress.

By five months or so, he was in his own crib in his room, sleeping through for most nights, but occasionally, he still sleeps in our bed with us. The funny thing, is that we don’t mind, we both miss him sometimes…listening to the rhythm of his breath, watching him sleep, hearing his little coos and sighs. He still does a lot of the same things in his sleep now as a toddler, that he did when he was an infant. It’s uncanny…same stuff, only bigger. His morning waking has changed though, instead of waking with a start or a wail, he awakens quietly, calmly and contends himself with playing with Mr. Bunny Rabbit (who is also a fixture in our bed when the boy is there), until he is ready to make sure that Mama and Papa are up.

You know you’re a co-sleeping parent (of a toddler)…

  • when there are only two of you in the bed and you aren’t quite sure what to do with all of the space
  • when you no longer spoon, but find yourself in an “H”
  • when you wake up the instant your child’s breathing changes for any reason, or think that it has
  • when you find that it’s one in the morning, and you’re both still up…because you’ve both been watching your child sleep and smiling at each other
  • when you fight over who gets to snuggle him (or her) first
  • when instead of the alarm, you wake up to someone patting your face gently and saying “Mama, up?”
  • when you hear a thud-dump! and sit up in a panic fearing the worst, only to see that your child has not fallen out of the bed, but instead has jumped down to get one of his books off of the bookshelf near the nightstand to “read”
  • when instead of awaking to kisses from your spouse, you awake to someone sharing their paci with you
  • when catching up on the sleep you missed (because you were staring at your child) means a quick snooze on the couch at 9 a.m.



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1. Amy - December 1, 2007

We have enjoyed our children coming in for the snuggle, but it just doesn’t work when you want to have some “undisturbed time” together. We found some advice on how to deal with gaining some private time in a parenting video by Dr. Kevin Leman.


Hope it helps if you have the same challenge!

2. emsgeiss - December 1, 2007

Ohhh, we’ve found ways to still find “undisturbed time” it takes some creativity sometimes, but it works. 😉

3. Amy - December 1, 2007

That’s great! I have to lock the door:)

4. weeghosties - December 11, 2007

ROFL! This list is right on the money! My (now) five-year-old decided she would invade the bed when she turned three and we spent a year finding her in various positions – laying across our pillows horizontally while we huddled beneath, her sleeping on the very last bit of mattress so we wouldn’t notice her at our feet until one of us inadvertently pushed her off – it took a new baby to convince her that “no, we really really don’t want you to sleep with us.”

She’s still trying to sneak in.

PS- try the walk-in closet… 😉

5. Elrena - December 11, 2007

“when you fight over who gets to snuggle him (or her) first”

I think that might have been one of the reasons we ended up having another baby — now we have one for each of us. 🙂

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