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Green just jumped the shark December 4, 2007

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I’m fairly green-tinged. I use reusable oat-bags when I shop instead of plastic, we’ve started buying CFLs among other things, and we’re doing much better with recycling and making more conscientious ecologically responsible personal and household choices.  So, my ears perk up when I hear Green News. But last night, to borrow a phrase from the TV-pop culture world, it officially happened—green  jumped the shark.

Last night while my husband and I were watching the 11-o’-clock news, there was an interesting little fluff-and-fill story about half-way through the usual fest of crime, politics, health and consumer alerts and weather and sports.  The report stated that a recent study by an ecologist and Michigan State University (MSU) suggests that divorce is not green. Well hell, anyone whose ever been through one, can tell you that—divorce attorneys are not cheap, and for the guys, if they have to pay alimony or child support, well there’s some more green they’re loosing.

Okay, maybe it’s green for the attorneys, but I digress, that’s not what the report was about. The report explained that when people get divorced, they separate into two households. And that by doing so, the same pair that once shared a household and utilized only one set of resources now uses two sets of resources—water use, electricity and other utilities. Seems like a pretty logical flowchart to me, and elicited a big “no duh!” to pass from my lips.  The report further suggested that those living in communal-type arrangements are the most green.  Okay, so the report makes some plain and simple sense, but I’m thinking that whomever provided the funding for the study was smoking some green.

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2. Thursday - December 9, 2007

It’s always amazing to see how the news and such will stretch so far to make everything relevant to green living or other lifestyle trends. I hadn’t heard this one, though, and I think it’s my new example of taking green living a bit too far.

3. emsgeiss - December 9, 2007

Amen, Thursday! Isn’t it rediculous? “Save the planet, don’t get divorced and live in abject misery instead even though it’s clear that you and your spouse clearly can’t make it work.”

4. Dawn - December 13, 2007

I saw this too! I wonder who funded the study? My first thought was: some right wing group opposed to divorce.

Then again, if that was the case, what would be their argument if someone brought up the point that gay people getting married, too, would be a “greener” solution than two gay people living separately?

Oh, wait, that whole situation is about the “green” too. Gay marraige means more spouses looking to collect social security, health insurance, etc. (I’m not saying that is why people want gay marraige, I’m saying that’s why the government opposes it… when it really comes down to it.)

So, yes, let’s just all live, unmarried, in communes, to do what is best for the economy AND the environment. 😉

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