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Networking: blog blitz #5 — can you feel the love? December 15, 2007

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In earlier posts, I’ve discussed how the Internet is the water cooler for those of us who work from home, or are in the solitary arts like writing. (In fact, at AW, the forum is called the Absolute Write Water Cooler.) And beyond social and professional networking sites (at least in my experience) forums such as AW provide us with the professional networking along with the intellectual stimulation and fun that help make a professional life complete.

This past week, I participated in AW’s blog blitz #5, where 15 of us commented daily on each other’s blogs. That meant reading 14 blogs a day and commenting. I knew going in, it would be fun, what I didn’t expect (and I have no idea why) was to come to the realization that blogging is yet another form of networking. (A big “duh” is probably expelling from many of you reading this.)  I guess it’s because I usually think of blogging as my “down time,” one of my escapes.  It’s when I’m not working or being Mama or The Wife.  And, it’s come to be a very important part of my life. 

I got to read some fabulous blogs, which will now be permanently added to my blogroll, and make some great connections beyond the AW boards. So a big thanks to quidscribs for setting it all up and to everyone who participated. I’m kind of sad about the end of blog blitz #5; it has been a real treat. And hopefully, despite the onset of Christmas and all the duties of making the holiday for one very excited toddler, and I’ll still be able to visit everyone’s blogs regularly (even if I do end up posting at 2 a.m.).  Can you feel the love?

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1. Writing the Cyber Highway - December 15, 2007

I didn’t participate in this event, but I do realize how important blogging is. Not only have I met people I’ll cherish forever as friends, but I’ve met editors and/or through other bloggers/writers/editors even found new writing assignments.

I’m thrilled that you participated, though, because I found you through Rebecca Laffar-Smith’s, The Writer’s Round-About! 🙂

2. Melaniehoo - December 16, 2007

I know what you mean! Most of the blogs I read I’ve stumbled across and I love having a variety.

Thanks for all your comments during the blitz!

3. NiennaC - December 16, 2007

I still haven’t gotten the courage to be in one of the Blog Blitz’s. ^_^ They sound like so much fun, but I’m not sure I have the time. Oh well, maybe next Blitz? Glad it was fun! You’re right though, blogs are an excellent way to network.

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