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Mama, step away from the camera December 31, 2007

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Between digital cameras and cell phones, as parents today, we have opportunities for hysterically funny candids of our kids that our parents never had.  Sure there were Instamatics, back then, but that’s not quite the same thing as capturing your child in mid-whatever at a moment’s notice.  (Plus, carrying an Instamatic and its film around is a little less convenient than flipping open your Razr.) My husband and I (and countless other parents) easily have thousands of pictures that truly capture our kids being themselves. 

Today, however, I reached a new low in candid-mama-cam. 

 This afternoon, I was futzing around on the computer when I heard the sound of a semi-fussing toddler behind me.  He was five feet from me, and I looked over to see what was the matter, since it wasn’t the emergency kind of fuss. Someone had managed to wedge himself into a basket that should have been too small, but I have an enterprising and adventurous boy.  The image was too cute, and with my cell phone just a room away, and the boy not in any immediate danger, I dashed off to get it to capture my little basket case.  He had removed the toys that were in it and instead placed himself where they once had been, and found that it was much more difficult to get out than it was to get in.  In an effort to get our almost-two-year-old to be less of a baby and more of a “big boy,” we often say things like “use your words” (to combat wining and grunting) and “you can do it” and “you try” (to combat the notion that Mama and Papa should do things for him that we know he’s capable of doing). With my cell phone’s lens pointed at him, I said, “you can do it,” and he stopped fussing and looked at me with pure incredulity that I was not picking him up out of the basket, and was instead taking his picture.

One day, he will hate me for it, I’m sure, saying, “Aw Maaaaa” with a look of disgust every time he sees it, but how else will I really be able to show what he was like as a toddler to his future spouse in about 30 years?

1231071636-00.jpg    1231071636-01.jpg

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1. weirdits - December 31, 2007

How cute! Yes, definitely one to embarrass him with in future years. Don’t forget to pull this out for the first prom date that wanders in! 🙂

2. Samantha - December 31, 2007

Aaaaaaaawwwwww! My son did this once, too. He’s now a teen, though, so he doesn’t find the photo too amusing. 😉 Get all the pics you can–they grow so fast…

*Thoughts drift to memories from years ago*

3. Writing the Cyber Highway - January 1, 2008

Love the cute photos! How adorable! 🙂

I’m dropping by to let you know I gave you a little link love in today’s post.


Happy New Year!


4. Melaniehoo - January 2, 2008

So sweet!

5. Soccer Mom - January 2, 2008

Love those photos!

And congrats on WAHM going live!

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