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Pushing Forty December 31, 2007

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We celebrated my husband’s 38th birthday the other night. He and one of our dear friends share the same birthday, so every year, our  little group of friends always gets together for a joint birthday party of sorts.  We secured our sitter earlier in the month, and were smart enough to secure her for New Year’s Eve (tonight) as well.  He is now officially in his “late 30s,” as he likes to call it with 40, lurking just around the bend. What’s funny is that we met almost 20 years ago in college, and at a time when 40 seemed a lifetime away, when 40 wasn’t even on our minds—it seemed old; the potential onslaught of …*gasp*… 30 was near enough. Thirty came and went with little drama, and forty doesn’t seem like it will seem to bad either. (Catch me in ten months though, when I join him in the late 30s and I might have another story though, for now, I can relish in still being in my mid-thirties and stick my tongue out at my elder.) 

Seriously though, there is something about aging maturing, that is, that gives you more common sense, or at least that’s the case with our crowd. Believe me, some years, the birthday parties (and New Year’s Eve plans) have been crazier than others, but this year, we were all pretty mellow. Others might call it lame, but we had fun. We went to a local shooting range for some target practice (go figure) then went out for dinner and drinks. The restaurant that the birthday boys chose ended up having a two-hour wait for our party of seven, so we figured that we’d put our names on the list, get one of those ridiculous beepers, belly up to the bar and figure out what the alternatives might be. It turned out that a foursome that was old enough to be our parents was just finishing up and gave us their seats. One of the gentleman told us to “stay put”…they had the same idea that we had, and in the time that it took them to have some drinks and dinner, they were just then being paged for their table. I can think of a time when a similar foursome, probably wouldn’t have given us the time of day—seeing us as “that rowdy group of kids…um twentysomethings…out to tie one on.” Three more seats became available, and with some quick thinking and faster moving than other bar lurkers with agendas, we nabbed them. Of course, we all got carded, which these days is kind of fun, since all of us are closer to twice the legal drinking age than we are to the legal drinking age. 

There we sat, the seven of us eating, drinking, talking, watching the game, and having a grand old time—the only agenda was to have some fun with a bunch of old friends. Unlike in years past, we were all pretty much ready to head home by about 10 p.m., which in years past, is the close to exact time that we would have just been heading out. 

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1. undercanopy - December 31, 2007

40 is not really that big of a number. In this day and age, it’s a pretty forgettable milestone.

2. emsgeiss - December 31, 2007

Glad that you got the point. 🙂

3. Samantha - December 31, 2007

Happy Birthday to your husband–and your friend! 😉

4. Melaniehoo - January 2, 2008

I’m still in my early thirties and that sounds like a perfect night out to me!

5. indianamatt - January 2, 2008

I turned 40 about a month ago. It never really phased me until I filled out a survey at church that we do from time to time. It has age boxes (you know, “20s” “30s” etc. I realized I now have to check the “40s” box. I looked at my wife and said, “I MOVED A BOX!”

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