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Ten Days…An Ode to the Muse January 10, 2008

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The year is 10 days old and this is my first blog post of 2008. It may seem kind of sad, considering that I was on a roll…a veritable blogroll that is, blogging my brains out, writing to my heart’s content, finding a space to place the ideas that the Muse graciously bestowed upon me. One might see my ten-day hiatus as a sign that perhaps the Muse had left me…but no, she had more grandiose plans for my craft and thus, she sent me into hibernation.

The Muse is a crafty girl, a prankster even; some may call her “fickle.” (The Muse and I are close these days, so she shall not punish me for calling her a “girl” and not a “woman.”)

“No, you may not blog,” she told me. “Not now. There is some more important work afoot.

“It must consume you … and it will,” she whispered. (It did.)

 “But, it will be worth it,” she giggled. (It was.)

She then danced her signature jig, waving her arms. prancing about and working her magic. She forgot to tell me, that the others she had co-opted were also at her mercy…no, not at her mercy, but rather infused with the gift she selectively and carefully shares. (Ah, but when she does share, it is a gift indeed!)

Sharing her gift, made the task at hand much easier…but pulling it together…how?

Could I? Would it really happen?

She reminded me that I pushed a child through my body without the aid of pain medication, relying upon one of her sisters and the wisdom of our mothers to bring my son into the world.  

“That was work,” she said. “This is play. So play. I will guide you should you go astray.”

So play I did. And mold. And hone.

I  cried blood, sweat and tears, yet smiling and laughing all the way through, until my “second baby” was born on its EDD of Saturday, January 5, 2008.

No, this was not a child of the flesh, but a child of print—a labor of love that came to fruition:

theWAHMmagazine was finally launched. 

And now that it is here, the Muse has allowed me to return to my own musings…to let my fingers fly as I harvest the growing crop from the seeds she has sown deep within the inner recesses of my mind. She hasn’t left…she is just resting now, saving her energy for her next beckon call.

Copyright 2007, © Erika-Marie S. Geiss


1. Michele L. Tune - Writing the Cyber Highway - January 10, 2008

Congrats on the magazine launch, the muse, and your return to blogging!

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