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Get a grip January 11, 2008

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After commenting on Amy’s most recent blog post at Mind over Mullis, I was inspired to write about my own recent fashion incident that involved socks. I mentioned in my comment on her blog that “my son’s socks all read ’24 to 36 mos'” or something to that effect. My question is why is it only hospital socks come with groovy little grippers in grown-up styles? Why do the little kippers get all the fun? I suppose it’s because the sock manufacturers believe that the rest of us are sure-footed enough to not need grippers…or that we all have wall-to-wall carpeting.


Anyone who has stayed in any hospital for any length of time probably has a pair of little gripper socks lurking somewhere in the back of their sock-drawers. (You mamas who delivered in-hospital know what I’m talking about.) They are small, one-size-fits-all, shapeless little booties that are U-G-L-Y…UGLY!

21hrara6gkl__aa200_.jpg  See what I mean?

 The pair that I have are a peculiar, not-found-in-nature shade of blue…or is it green? I’m really not sure. And they’re of some odd fabric—something that’s between a chenille and terrycloth … maybe … but the fabric is so thick that you couldn’t realistically fit your foot into a shoe with the little gripper booties on your feet. To say the least, they are strange.  Besides, for those of us who like our socks to be a little more than functional, fashionable even, they just won’t do—these ghastly things, just don’t go with anything except perhaps for hospital “Johnnies,” and we all know how fashionable and attractive those are.

But when you have hardwood floors and your family removes their shoes in the house so that you don’t track salt and sand and other yuckiness from the street throughout the house, gripper socks become a really good idea. 

Gripper socks would also level the playing field during a rousing game of tag with a toddler.  There’s nothing quite like the wide-eyed and wild laughter from a toddler staring at you when you’ve wiped out and hit the floor because your adorable pair of grey, cable-knit, merino wool knee socks betrayed you. At least he said, “Oops! Mama okay?” before he started laughing as I did my best impression of Barboaro. (Thankfully, I had a better prognosis than the horse did, and required no medical attention beyond some Motrin.)

So, as footed pajamas have managed to find their way into adult sizes (yes, they do exist), so too should more fashioable versions of the adult gripper sock, so that we can all get a grip.

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1. Nick - January 18, 2008

Ahh my dear friend it is I Nick having returned from my 3 countries in 13 days adventure. As I read your little blog here about gripper socks I shall enlighten you. I have several pairs of them. I bought them at Old Navy, they called them “slipper socks”. I am not sure if it was a seasonal clothing item or not so check theier website and see if you can find them. The ones I bought have little gripper beads on the bottom that are “non-skid”.

2. Corrie - March 10, 2008

Please, check this new product out! Invented by moms to solve this very problem.


Adhere a non-slip, non-skid surface to socks, tights and gloves– GRIPPIES can help prevent injuries associated with every day slips and falls.

You can make your own non slip socks, non slip tights, even non-slip stockings!

GRIPPES provide traction much like pre-made non-skid socks only better— because they give just enough traction to go with no shoes on hardwood floors, but aren’t too sticky to slip into shoes.

They work, and are getting a lot of terrific feedback so far. Give them a try!

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