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Puzzling Ballot for Michigan Dems January 11, 2008

Posted by emsgeiss in politics.
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democratdonkey.jpgPrimary Woes

Tuesday, January 15 is the Michigan Primary, but it’s no secret that some Michigan Democrats not only may not see their candidate on the ballot they may see candidates who are no longer running on the ballot.  Several candidates including Obama and Edwards removed themselves from the Michigan ballot “to satisfy Iowa and New Hampshire, which were unhappy Michigan was challenging their leadoff status on the primary calendar,” the Associated Press reports.  And former candidates Dodd and Biden remain on the ballot even after dropping from the race after the Iowa caucus. That doesn’t leave Michgan Democrats with much of a choice, it seems, whereas Michigan’s Republican counterparts will get to see a complete list of the Republican presidential candidates—but this isn’t about them.

So who’s left?

The remaining Democratic candidates that one can actually cast a primary vote for are Clinton, Gravel and Kucinich. (And by the way, if you’re thinking that one Clinton is the same as the other, don’t be confused. A vote for Hillary is not a vote for Bill. Bill is not on the ballot.)And even though a “write in” spot will appear on the ballot, any candidate whose name is entered as a “write-in” will render the vote invalid as none of the Michigan-primary-protesting candidates filed by the Jan. 4, deadline to accept write-in votes.  Oh, and you don’t get to cross party lines either. You must vote “a straight ticket,” choosing either a Democratic or Republican ballot. And if you’re a Democrat who’s considering choosing a Republican ballot because you want to skew the Republican results or you simply aren’t thrilled with any of the remaining Democrats who are actually on our ballot, you might want to reconsider. You’ll be inundated with calls and mail from the Republicans who, once they have received the list of how voters cast their votes, will be vying for your attention for the rest of the race.  (Secret ballot, my ass.) Then again, it’s your vote, do with it what you will…just remember that the Federal Do Not Call list does not apply to politicians.

Not voting is not an option

In case anyone might have forgotten, there are other issues relevant to Michigan besides the presidential primary. In fact, cities or towns in 43 Michigan counties are holding special elections on January 15 and will have other issues on the ballot, so you can at the very least, vote on those. If you are in one of the counties with other issues on the ballot, you can request a non-partisan ballot. And at least of this posting, there are no statewide proposals on the ballot, so what do you do if you’re not in one of the 43 counties? Well that’s a bit of a muddle now isn’t it? Not so much. You still have a choice, believe it or not.  Unless you want to mess with  statistics and pick the next closest option worthy of your vote, you can exercise that little option of “uncommitted,” which will neither invalidate your ballot nor force you to select a candidate that you don’t see listed. (Take a look at the ballot—it’s really there.)

So go to the polls on Tuesday, and if your candidate isn’t on the ballot, send a message with a strong “uncommitted” vote.

For more stories and info about the lack of Democratic candidates on the ballot see these stories from NPR, the Detroit News, mlive.com and the Oakland Press.

For info from the Michigan Democratic Party visit:


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1. Sheree - January 11, 2008

So, I wonder what kind of back room deal was pushed onto Obama and Edwards by the Clintons. This smells to high heaven, and I want to hear from Obama AND Edwards as to WHY IN THE HELL THEY DID THIS. !!!!!!

2. Fuck Fiction - January 11, 2008

Yeah, I don’t like the sound of that either. do you have a link to an article about Obama and Edwards not being on the ballot?

3. emsgeiss - January 11, 2008

Thanks for commenting.
FF, links were added.
Who knows? Maybe they’ll visit my blog and share with us. (I’m not holding my breath though.)

4. Michele L. Tune - Writing the Cyber Highway - January 12, 2008


Totally off topic:

You’ve been tagged for the Roaring writers meme!

Find out more in my post: I Am Writer, Hear Me Roar!



5. Amanda Aikman - January 15, 2008

Wow…there are so many ways to throw away your vote if you’re a democrat! I was personally excited to see Dodd on the ballot…they even included someone who isn’t running anymore!

Who the hell writes these ballots anyway?

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