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Untruths in adverstising February 13, 2008

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I‘ve been on a quest for flushable wipes for my son. We use flushable diapers (G-Diapers) when we’re at home and Seventh Generation for night time and when we’re out. I also tend to flush his solid waste, both in an effort to not have it end up in the garbage and to show him where it goes now that he’s expressed an interest in the toilet and its functions. This presented a problem of course, when it came to disposing the diaper after wiping him…what to do with the wipes. Hence my quest.

I discovered these adorable little toddler wipes, that low and behold, are flushable. (Score one!) They even were described as being “sensitive,” “hypoallergenic” and “unscented.” (Score two, three and four!) Mama was as happy as a pig in … well, you know.

When I went to use them for the first time, I opened the bottom of darling little case, with the push-button, pop-up release—something that even my toddler kandoo. I followed the instructions for installation of the refill pack. I opened it up and was greeted by some of the most powerful perfume. I reread the package. Certainly a product for “sensitive skin” couldn’t be emitting an olfactory assault that made your eyes cross and your hair curl. It did indeed read, “sensitive” on the package. Not only that, but “hypoallergenic” and “unscented” were clearly marked not just on the case, but on the actual package of wipes as well.

Call me crazy, but seeing “sensitive” on the package tells me that it has gentle “cleansers;” and with “unscented” there should not even a whiff of perfume…none, nada, zip, zilch, zero. I realize that toddler tushies aren’t the greatest smelling to begin with (no tushies are), but do they need that much fragrance—if any at all? (Wipe well and the smell is gone.)

Wasn’t I misled by the company, duped into buying a “sensitive” product when it really wasn’t one? (They didn’t even have the courtesy to mask it, as some companies will do in an effort to seem hypoallergenic.) Reading “hyperallergenic” and “unscented” also tell me that that this product should be safe for my son’s tenderest of parts. (I’m secretly glad that he’s not a girl right now.)

I shudder to think what the regular wipes smell like…or how raw his butt would be from being wiped regularly with the oils and perfumes in it. Thankfully, none of us have such severe nasal allergies that the slightest exposure would cause major complications.

Well, at least they flush, I suppose—then again, if they lied about being sensitive, hypoallergenic and unscented, it makes me wonder: What exactly am I flushing?

Your turn: What do sensitive, hypoallergenic and unscented mean to you?

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