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The first time February 15, 2008

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There are so many firsts that we look for from our children and cherish. We hold on to them, recalling them sometimes at times when our children are being less than perfect; recanting stories of them with new parents; sharing them with fellow “veteran” parents; savoring the tales for when we become grandparents ourselves.

The first coo.

The first smile.

The first time he rolled over.

The first time he pulled to stand.

The first solid food.

The first time he took a step.

The first time he really walked.

The first word.

The first time he said, “Mama.”

The first time he said, “Papa.”

The first time he makes a two-word sentence.

The first time he gives you a hug or a kiss, voluntarily.

The first time that he verbally expresses his love.

For a while, I’ve been musing over when I’d hear this little phrase for the first time from my dear son—wondering under what circumstances they would be uttered. I mean, I know he loves me. I know he loves his Papa. We can tell and he’s expressive with us. But you still wonder when you’ll actually hear it, because somehow, hearing him say it, confirms all that you already knew with your gut, with your own heart and soul.

I heard it tonight just as I turned the door to his bedroom after we put him to bed. My husband was already about a quarter of the way down the stairs, but I had stopped to give our dear Bean a final tickle on his little feet and a kiss on the top of his head before leaving his room.

It was two little words. A day “late,” but that’s okay. As I started to leave his room, there it was, as plain as day…his tiny precious voice: “Luv yu.” I turned back and beamed, “I love you, too!” He smiled, lay down and said it again: “Luv yu! *pause* Gud Nigh.”

It is a moment that will cherish forever and it couldn’t have been a better Valentine’s Day present, because none of the other firsts compares to this one.

Copyright © 2008 Erika-Marie S. Geiss

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