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Holy Networking, Batman! February 17, 2008

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This has been quite a week or two for networking in my little corner of the world.

Last Wednesday, on my radio show, the Cyber Savvy Show over at Passionate Internet Voices Talk Radio, I had the pleasure of interviewing Jennifer Gniadecki, owner of Marketing Curve and the Beyond Mom blog. I consider Jen to be a networking goddess.

Jen spoke to our audience about social and professional networking and what to do and what not to do. Among the things we spoke about during the half-hour broadcast was how social networking has merged with professional networking and for those people who haven’t yet joined the networking world, key tips for them. If you missed the show, or want to hear it again, you can listen to the podcast here.

Jen is also the author of the forthcoming e-book Non-toxic Networking, which in my opinion, should become part of everyone’s resources. I say this not only because I happen to be her editor, but because the book is indeed good, a practical, well-written, down-to-earth guide to navigating the networking world. In fact, it is through networking that Jen and I started working together. I first met Jen at business and learning’s fall WAH Expo in November 2007. (Their spring Expo is coming in May.) I learned a lot from her presentation about networking and signed up for a special seminar that she was holding, where she helped me refocus for both Red Pencil Editing Services and its subsidiary theWAHMmagazine.

Then, Jen needed an editor for her e-book and chose me, which in turn led to asking Jen to be a guest on the Cyber Savvy show.

So…you see, there’s an example of how networking works.

Speaking of networking that’s worked, when I think about a lot of the recent jobs or clients that I’ve received, networking played a very crucial role—from forums such as Absolute Write to the professional network Linked In to maintaining relationships with former colleagues and bosses. And of course, I can’t forget the friends who either started as social buddies to begin with or colleagues and professional associates who have become friends. Among these instances of networking magic are two new clients, becoming a mommy blogger at babiesonline, rounding out the editing and production staff for theWAHMmagazine, my previous two guests on the Cyber Savvy show (Jonathan Bailey of Plagiarismtoday.com and Thursday Bram) and several others—all connections that happened directly or indirectly through my Absolute Write colleagues including a review of theWAHMmagazine.

In many ways, I find that networking is about synergy, and being willing and able to forge and maintain those connections. For those who work from home, good networking can be part of the lifeblood of your enterprise (and breath of fresh air as you connect with other adults).

But don’t take my word for it…Jennifer’s the expert. Visit her at Marketing Curve and learn more about her forthcoming book Non-toxic Networking.

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