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Unleash your inner flower child February 19, 2008

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I first discovered Flower Child Herbs in Riverview, Mich. when I was looking for safe, non-chemical, herbal alternatives to bug repellent to use on my son and myself when he was an infant and still nursing. While I have my own little crop of lavender growing in my garden, I didn’t have the skill (or time) to press it and extract the oils myself. I was delighted to learn that only a few miles away, lay the perfect answer to my needs, and I have been a loyal customer ever since. I recently made a pilgrimage to my little oasis, Flower Child Herbs. I’ve written about this delicious little boutique before, but now, in a way, I have the delightful opportunity to pay Jill back for all of the joy that she and her products have given me.

Sadly, Margie’s, the cake-decorating store next door to Flower Child Herbs recently moved to a larger location, and that led to a decrease in foot traffic to Jill’s store. So, while losing a retail neighbor presents one problem, the fact that her newly revised Web site is up, presents another opportunity. It also allows me to share my oasis (and her wares) with my Dear Readers and anyone else who may happen upon my musings. (Anyone who knows me can tell you that I constantly rave about Flower Child Herbs.)

Flower Child Herbs is owned by herbalist-alchemist Jill Howard. At her boutique, she sells essential oils, loose teas, soy candles, natural lotions, salves and creams, hand-made natural soaps, massage oils an other natural products for your body, space and health. Her products are enticing to all of the senses. I am there regularly to buy lavender, tea tree and clove oils to use as bug repellent in the summer; eucalyptus oil in the winter for colds; and patchouli and ylang ylang year-round. Her vanilla (true vanilla) and almond enliven my kitchen and our bathwater; her jasmine and green-tea blend soothes my belly, tickles my palate and warms my body. I love going in there, not just for the products, but for the great conversations and soul-warming environment.

Flower Child Herbs sells products for women, men, babies and pets—so your whole family is covered, even the sensitive ones. Gift baskets and arrangements (whether custom-designed or her thoughtfully hand-selected pre-packaged designs) are perfect for any occasion. (Even her packaging is eco-friendly.)

Jill uses organic and wild herbs for her completely natural products that contain no chemical preservatives, are never tested on animals, and contain no animal products. Jill’s “love of nature and respect for nature [is what] inspired her to share with others the joy and blessings found in the plants that nourish our bodies, feed our minds and strengthen our spirits.”

But don’t just take my word for it. Take a little trip to my oasis for yourself and experience the true gift that is Flower Child Herbs.

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1. Stacey - February 20, 2008

YAY! I so need a good herb shop and can’t find any locally. 😦 Thank you!

2. Kevin G - February 21, 2008

Jill’s store always smells so great, I love stopping by.
Got a few Ideas from Jill for my wife for Valerntines.
Can’t wait to see wait Jill advises us men to get for spring.

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