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P&E Under Attack March 2, 2008

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Predators and Editors (P&E) is being preyed upon. For 11 years, P&E has been protecting unsuspecting writers and other artists from the pitfalls of unscrupulous editors, publishers and agents. P&E also gives rave reviews where they are due and provides a whole host of other resources and information for writers (and other artists). Being a voice of reason and a non-profit advocacy group (for want of a better term) for writers, composers, artists and others has given them their share of commendations and condemnations, and now they are under some serious attack and could use the help and support from the artistic professionals who have come to trust them.

The following is from the P&E Web site:

Unfortunately, there are those who do not like P&E or its editor because we give out information that they would prefer remain hidden from writers. Usually, they slink away, but not this time. P&E is being sued and we are asking for donations to mount a legal defense in court. Please click on the link below and give if you can to help protect P&E so it can continue to defend writers as it has for the past eleven years.

At the Absolute Write Water Cooler, Dave expounds:

Okay, just to further clarify matters. P&E is being sued by Barbara Bauer and by Victor E. Cretella, III, Esq. in two separate courts.

Ms. Bauer is a literary agent who alleges I/P&E called her a scam and a scammer and is suing for libel.

Mr. Cretella is an attorney for PublishAmerica. He alleges I/P&E harmed his reputation by reporting him to the Maryland State Bar Association and his former employer for his actions against a member of Absolute Write and is suing for libel.

How you can help

Several bloggers are posting about this atrocity, so if you are a writer (or other artist) and have benefited from P&E in any way, donate and make this viral by posting it on your blog as well. Even if you are not in the literary or artistic fields and didn’t know about P&E until now but are outraged about the situation, please consider providing your support.


Clicking the link will take you to
P&E’s Defense Fund page. Scroll
down to “Help Defend P&E”where
you can donate through PayPal.


  • If you don’t know about P&E, what they do and what they stand for, click here.
  • To read more about P&E’s information about PublishAmerica, click here.

Show your support for P&E; and show their attackers that the writing/creative community is a strong one that is behind P&E.

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