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Toddler Love March 20, 2008

Posted by emsgeiss in Humor & Satire, parenting & family, toddlers, WAHM/WAHD Stuff.
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A soggy Cheerio (or a handful of them) offered to you. A partially eaten piece of steak (that you don’t realize was chewed until after it’s been shoved into your mouth). A big wet and sticky kiss. A sudden nuzzle out of the blue or a hug that leaves little hand prints as its aftermath.

Gross? Yes—to almost anyone except the parent of a toddler.

Toddlers, with their newfound sense of independence—alternating between “me do it” and being your shadow, even when you try to go to the bathroom are quirky beings. Sometimes, its as if they could care less if you existed or not, as long as their basic needs are met and you are there to supply them with meals and juice boxes. Other times, the struggle to get them to use their words or just be content for five minutes while you gather your thoughts, unload the dishwasher or answer the telephone seems to be a never-ending struggle du jour.

It’s an interesting life with a toddler, but those little “gross” moments can make your heart melt. They’re inspired by nothing but the sudden urge and need to express their affection, love and appreciation for you. Will they require a discrete removal of an unwanted object from your mouth, while you say, “Yum! Thank you for sharing!”? Certainly. Will they require prompt removal with a stain stick or Tide Pen? Quite often. Will they perhaps remind you of the time that your cat brought in a dead bird and lay it at your feet proudly? Quite possibly. But does acknowledging these little spontaneous (if strange) gifts of love validate their feelings? Absolutely.

And in your heart of hearts…you know you wouldn’t trade in the little icky hand prints from a toddler’s unconditional love for a pair perfectly unstained trousers any day.

Erika-Marie S. Geiss Copyright © 2008



1. Mada - March 21, 2008

Reading this nearly brought tears to my eye. Being the mom of a two year old, I’ve learned to ignore the total ick factor of “pre-chewed” food, slobbery kisses, kisses where she doesn’t let go and starts talking, drooling into my mouth. You’re right, there’s nothing in the world that would make me trade the memories she’s given me!

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