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WAHMs Helping WAHMs March 25, 2008

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Anyone who has been a work-at-home professional knows that it is a surprisingly large community and that we tend to travel in many of the same circles, despite the fact that we work from home and as such don’t have the same luxury or benefit of direct human-to-human daily personal contact as our colleagues who work outside of the home. While the fields and professions cover a wide range as do the personalities, one thing that is certain is that we’re a pretty tight-knit bunch, or at least I’d like to think so—and we help one another from networking events (like this week’s Celebrating Women’s Online Conference in honor of Women’s Month), or Business and Learning’s Tuesday Night Networking Chats and many other forums and opportunities for sharing, networking, commiserating.

This closeness—whether professional or personal—also means that when something unfortunate or unexpected befalls one of us, we rally together to help one another, and today is no different. One of our beloved colleagues, LaTara Ham-Ying owner of Vegan Family Living has had the unfortunate experience of having her computer completely die. We’re all online alot, and for many of us, beyond just being the outlet for communication and networking, the computer the lifeblood of our businesses. This morning, Kelly McCausey of WAHM Talk Radio posted about it on her WAHM Talk Radio blog and has spearheaded rallying the WAHM (and WAHD) community to help provide funds for a new computer for LaTara so that she can continue running her business.  If you can, please help and pass this information on to other WAHMs that you connect with.

To donate and learn more about this very important WAHMs Helping WAHMs cause, click here.  And Thanks!

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