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I’m All a-Twitter March 27, 2008

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Or should that be a twitterbug? I finally got with the program and joined twitter today. I thought that perhaps I was one of the last people on earth to catch the wave, but at Business & Learning’s most-recent Tuesday Night Networking Chat, I found out otherwise. Mary, one of my colleagues at the AW water cooler was also among the untwittered also just joined. (You can read about it here.) This could prove to be a dangerous and fun experience…updating from your moblie? Keeping up with people almost instantaneously? Basically, microblogging as Mary put it in today’s blog post?

I will admit that it took me a bit to get in the groove and navigate around to figure out how exactly to use it. But then again, I did join at nearly two in the morning, so the brain probably wasn’t as sharp as it would have been at a normal time of day for most people. What really was the shocker though was how many people in my address book it it found…holy cats!  I was also surprised though that there were people who I was sure would be on twitter that aren’t—or at least not yet.  (See? I’m really not the last tech-savvy person to join.) But it was really awesome when Crystal, who was in the same meeting that I was in, posted a welcome note to/about me.  Yes, I’m feeling the love.

On a personal note it’s pretty freaking cool that it’s an application that my technogeek husband hasn’t added yet to his arsenal, but I’m sure he’ll be a twitterbug soon too. Now, I just have to actually remember to make updates and make sure that I don’t manage to go over my minutes.

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