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Tonight’s Cyber Savvy Show 04.30.08 April 30, 2008

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On tonight’s edition of the Cyber Savvy Show at PIVTR, I will be speaking with John and Nancy Vogel of Family on Bikes. They will be speaking about their exciting and unusual cross-country, several-month family cycling trips and how they manage to set up, maintain and keep updated the familyonbikes.org Web site while on the road and in some remote places. With the summer months and vacation season around the corner, you won’t want to miss hearing about their cyber savvy ways of keeping their visitors informed.

Join me tonight from 8 to 8:30 p.m. Eastern time for another installment of the Cyber Savvy Show at Passionate Internet Voices Talk Radio.

Listen Live at 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time.

(If you missed the show, you can listen to the podcast, available about an hour after we air now ←click.)


Today was what? April 28, 2008

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This morning when I checked my tweets, I learned from the wonderful Tammy Munson, that today is World Blog Commenting day. (Why can’t I find Tammy’s blog to comment there as well?)

Of course WBC would occur while I’m on a triple deadline and have two grant proposals to work on, but somehow, and with just under two hours to spare in my time zone, I managed not only to get the minimum three comments posted, I got a fourth one in too. Woo hoo! (It’s the small victories that make me giddy. You should see how I get about the large ones.)

Now, I just have to remember to add April 28th to my calendar of obscure and strange holidays not to miss like International Talk Like a Pirate Day, so that I am not caught off guard next year. (And this kind of makes up for my missed Link Love this weekend. Did I mention that triple deadline thing?)

Oh, and be sure to visit the blogs that I WBC’d for:

Mind over Mullis, Wierd It’s, One Vote Matters and Beyond Mom.

So many blogs, so little time…but next year, with adequate preparation, I can be sure to devote the day to it.


Honing his craft April 24, 2008

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Today was a momentous one in the Geiss house.

Its genesis actually occurred about a week-and-a-half ago, when after months of coloring and scribbling, exploring his creativity…and insisting that he must “share” Mama’s writing utensils, the apparently random strokes took form, manifesting into identifiable objects. A triangle. A circle. A face. A clue (as in Blues Clues). A bug. Yes, a bug—an oval with three horizontal lines through it, each of which extended nearly equally beyond the borders of the oval. This last drawing being made after more time outside and the recent visitation to our house by a colony of carpenter ants. He squats and examines the ants before Mama tries to guide them to paper to return them outside or squishes the ones too reluctant (or too dumb) to climb on the paper. (more…)

Fear of birth–institutionlized April 20, 2008

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I’ve just finished reading the current issue of Time magazine. My husband grabbed it before I did and after reading the cover story, he was struck by the article by Alice Park “Choosy Mothers Choose Cesareans” about the increase in Cesareans by choice. He got about half-way through and handed it to me, who happens to be one of those women who had a vaginal delivery without any anesthesia. What got me to the laptop was the end of the article, which concluded: “As our ideas about birth evolve, perhaps more women will feel less defensive about making the same choice.” (That is, the choice for an elective C-section.) (more…)

Saturday Link Love 04.19.08 April 19, 2008

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I interrupt my usual bitching and moaning to spread some love—link love that is. Shh…don’t tell anyone…it’s my first time.

I don’t know why it’s my first, since I cruise the cyber highway so much and have had this thingymablog up for several months now. You would think that with the intersection of being an imperfect parent and a writer mamavirtual wordsmith, that doing link love would have come naturally already. Yet despite my usual ability to prattle on endlessly, I hadn’t.

Weird, it’s kind of flowing and I don’t feel nearly as exposed as I’d anticipated. (Thank goodness I don’t have to do this in only six sentences.)

As I’ve embarked on this blogging journey, I’ve learned to go beyond mom; that sometimes, it just has to be said, even if it means that your content will be scraped by predators. (Of course, Jonathan has all the answers for that problem.)

After mulling over what it means to be a working writer for a bit, I won’t skirt the issue any longer. It means getting on the writer’s roundabout to write now, because this mama needs a(nother) book contract, some premium green, and there’s a new proposal that needs to get into my agent’s hands.

But first, to clear my head (especially now that The Right Words for Any Occasion is headed for the printer). It’s time to unplug for a bit, put on some hippie sounds, do some robust cooking and regroup. And since writers shouldn’t eat alone, I guess I’ll share it with my guys.

Okay, so it’s not going to win any awards, but I made it through my first link love post—Hot Diggity!

Copyright © 2008, Erika-Marie S. Geiss

Parsing shades of feminism April 18, 2008

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I rarely get this political in here. I tend to keep it on the lighter side, but I’ve found myself grappling with trying to understand a series of events that I did not witness, but have only read about in the last week or so. It has actually taken a week to reach the point of being able to express something coherent (at least I think so) in words, as I found myself up until the wee hours reading blog posts and following the links referenced therein. And while it may seem “a day late and a dollar short,” I think that the only way to really understand it all, is to write about it.

Tonight’s Cyber Savvy Show 04.16.08 April 16, 2008

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On tonight’s edition of the Cyber Savvy show, I spoke with Patrysha Korchinski, owner of Easy Results with Radio about traditional and internet radio and using radio as an effective marketing tool.

If you missed the 8 p.m. eastern broadcast of the show, you can listen to the podcast available at the PIVTR archive.

And don’t forget to tune in to the Cyber Savvy show at Passionate Internet Voices Talk Radio (PIVTR) Wednesday evenings from 8 to 8:30 p.m.

Yes sir, you *do* need an editor April 14, 2008

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I recently sat on a special committee that was charged with helping to shape an important document that would affect the lives of a great many people. (I am being vague intentionally.) When the draft of this document was presented to us for a final read, I caught a lot of errors. Catching errors from the sublime to the ridiculous in almost anything that I read is an occupational hazard for me. As a a writer and an editor I notice the misplaced commas, tables where the units don’t align properly (or math doesn’t add up at all), split infinitives, mismatched tenses and verb disagreement, “which” versus “that”, and sentence structure surrealism to name a few. And don’t get me started on apostrophes—you know, seeing 50’s when it should be ’50s when referring to the decade? You writers and editors out there know exactly what I’m talking about. (more…)

Holy E-mail, Batman April 13, 2008

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Like most people, I have way too many e-mail accounts. Seriously. It’s nuts. I even have e-mail accounts that I don’t use for various reasons and can’t even remember the login and password combos. It’s sick.

Here’s how bad it is: (more…)

Tonight’s Cyber Savvy Show 04.09.08 April 9, 2008

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Tonight’s Cyber Savvy show features an interview with Denise Colon, an IT professional and owner of CTCNY, a consulting firm in operation since 1990. Denise is also the author of the SANs Demystified (McGraw Hill, 2002). Tonight, we’ll be talking tech and learning about CTC and new advances in the switch from paper to EMRs in industries such as health care.

So join us tonight at 8 p.m. Eastern time for some tech talk with Denise Colon on the Cyber Savvy Show at Passionate Internet Voices Talk Radio.

Click here to listen live at 8 p.m.

To listen to podcasts of previous editions of the Cyber Savvy Show click here.