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What’s in a number? April 2, 2008

Posted by emsgeiss in Humor & Satire.
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We tend to imbue numbers with meanings…why, I have no idea. I’m not a numerologist. Most people however do have lucky and unlucky numbers and some of these number issues are cultural. The lucky number seven for example; the unlucky thirteen. For me, when I was playing varsity sports, my lucky number was three. My soccer coach never let anyone have the numbers one or ten (one, because soccer is a team sport and there is was “no number one” in his mind, and ten because that was Pele’s number, and he didn’t want any of us to get cocky thinking that we were Pele.) Yeah, I just dated myself.

Thirteen also has significance as being unlucky and some New York City buildings are reported to not even have a thirteenth floor, which is actually dumb, since you can’t go from twelve to fourteen without it. But, that’s what superstitions are…largely ridiculous.

The number six, when in a series of three (you can see my own superstition manifesting itself as you read this), is also one of those numbers. Yeah, I know what and who it represents and why, being a good little Catholic girl, seeing the number (and attached to something related to me) kind of makes me cringe. Of course, I also know that I only give it weight, by even worrying about it. And at the AW Water Cooler, I soon will hit that number of posts. And I’m wondering, what will happen when I do? Will the number be revealed beneath my avatar? Will my avatar sprout horns and a pitch fork? Will my post six-hundred-sixty-sixth post explode? Or will it be a non event and just another post? I’m figuring that it will be the latter, of course, because hell, it is just another number. (And 777 is only 111 posts away.)

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