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Holy E-mail, Batman April 13, 2008

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Like most people, I have way too many e-mail accounts. Seriously. It’s nuts. I even have e-mail accounts that I don’t use for various reasons and can’t even remember the login and password combos. It’s sick.

Here’s how bad it is:

  • family e-mail account: set up when my husband and I were planning our wedding and it’s become the defacto e-mail for anything parenting related.
  • very old personal account: set up a long, long, long time ago, stopped using it after I moved and started using the:
  • old personal account: it’s old, because since having it, I’ve set up a
  • current/new personal account that seems to have much better sp@m filters
  • Main current business account, which has four layers of e-mail addresses for better customer service.
  • Old business account, which had to be changed because of the freaking sp@m factor.
  • Magazine accounts: which has six layers of e-mail addresses for better streamlining of e-mails that go to the magazine.
  • Then there are two alumni accounts: one from grad school and one from undergrad.

If I were to try to check each account every day, I’d spend the whole day doing nothing but checking e-mail. Of course, the first half of the day would be deleting the sp@am that got through. Sound familiar?

All together that’s something like 17 separate e-mail accounts, and I’m sure that I’m forgetting one or two, if not more. Thank God, I don’t have that many phone numbers.

Enter my new favorite toy: gmail!

Yesterday I spent a good portion of the day forwarding all of the mail from my other accounts to my gmail account without having to change anything in any of the other accounts and filter stuff directly into folders. No, I’m still not done with it–it may take a while. Not that I couldn’t do forwarding and filtering with yahoo (where most of my other accounts live), it was just such a pain in the ass to do. With gmail it was easy…a worthwhile experience. The sad thing is, I’m pretty savvy when it comes to computing and Interneting and it took me this long to finally streamline my e-mail. Now if there were just some way to give those awful sp@mmers a horrible, treacherous rash.


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