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Saturday Link Love 04.19.08 April 19, 2008

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I interrupt my usual bitching and moaning to spread some love—link love that is. Shh…don’t tell anyone…it’s my first time.

I don’t know why it’s my first, since I cruise the cyber highway so much and have had this thingymablog up for several months now. You would think that with the intersection of being an imperfect parent and a writer mamavirtual wordsmith, that doing link love would have come naturally already. Yet despite my usual ability to prattle on endlessly, I hadn’t.

Weird, it’s kind of flowing and I don’t feel nearly as exposed as I’d anticipated. (Thank goodness I don’t have to do this in only six sentences.)

As I’ve embarked on this blogging journey, I’ve learned to go beyond mom; that sometimes, it just has to be said, even if it means that your content will be scraped by predators. (Of course, Jonathan has all the answers for that problem.)

After mulling over what it means to be a working writer for a bit, I won’t skirt the issue any longer. It means getting on the writer’s roundabout to write now, because this mama needs a(nother) book contract, some premium green, and there’s a new proposal that needs to get into my agent’s hands.

But first, to clear my head (especially now that The Right Words for Any Occasion is headed for the printer). It’s time to unplug for a bit, put on some hippie sounds, do some robust cooking and regroup. And since writers shouldn’t eat alone, I guess I’ll share it with my guys.

Okay, so it’s not going to win any awards, but I made it through my first link love post—Hot Diggity!

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1. Mary Lewis - April 19, 2008

Well done, wordsmith! 😀

2. jerrywaxler - April 19, 2008

Um. sorry for my ignorance, but does this mean? 🙂


3. plaidearthworm - April 19, 2008

Standing ovation and well done! Now I can just bookmark this post to get to everyone’s site, 😉

4. Jenn Hollowell - April 20, 2008

Wow! This is a great link-love post!! 🙂 Thank you for adding me into the mix. 😉

5. Stacey - April 20, 2008


Peace out, dude.

6. Rebecca Laffar-Smith - April 21, 2008

It flows so beautifully! I’m jealous. I bet it took AGES to put that post together and if it didn’t then I am triple-jealous. 😉 Thanks for the link-love. You’re reminding me that I’m well overdue some on my own blog.

7. Carolyn Erickson - April 22, 2008

Thanks for the link love, Erika! I only discovered link love last Sunday. If I start doing Sunday posts, I might try it. Of course, mine will be in plain ol’ list form! 🙂

I recognized a lot of our buddies up there!

8. Michele - April 23, 2008

Thanks for the link love! I’m so proud of you! How fun. 😉 I agree with Rebecca… it flows so beautifully! Like she said, I also am well overdue posting these fun link love posts on my blog, too. I’ll try to get to that sometime soon.


9. Angela - May 9, 2008


You rock, my dear!

Keep up the LOVE =o) because I ❤ WAHM!

Very creative, daaahling.

Big hugs & cybersmooches,


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