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Honing his craft April 24, 2008

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Today was a momentous one in the Geiss house.

Its genesis actually occurred about a week-and-a-half ago, when after months of coloring and scribbling, exploring his creativity…and insisting that he must “share” Mama’s writing utensils, the apparently random strokes took form, manifesting into identifiable objects. A triangle. A circle. A face. A clue (as in Blues Clues). A bug. Yes, a bug—an oval with three horizontal lines through it, each of which extended nearly equally beyond the borders of the oval. This last drawing being made after more time outside and the recent visitation to our house by a colony of carpenter ants. He squats and examines the ants before Mama tries to guide them to paper to return them outside or squishes the ones too reluctant (or too dumb) to climb on the paper.

It’s exciting to watch his creativity unfold…see him think about what he’s doing, make decisions about which color he wants and what implement he wants to use. Sometimes, he wants nothing to do with crayons, preferring instead, my pens. About a week ago, he found one of my old small notebooks. It used to be my “to do list” book when I worked at the museum. This particular one still had blank pages in it, so I hadn’t filed it away, and intended to use the blank pages for ideas and other short lists. We fought over this 4×4-inch notebook, so I got him his very own. He carries it almost everywhere, and is always “writing” in it. He’s even figured out that a pen belongs inside the spiral binding, clever boy that he is.

Today, that notebook transformed though into something more than just a spot for his ersatz scribbles. Today, it became the place where he wrote his first letter, his first written word: A.

It was not a mistake or a coincidence. It was deliberate. Three determined strokes. And upon finishing it, he proudly said aloud: “A!”

One letter down, 25 to go.

One word down, millions more to go…and I’m sure that he’s up to the task.

What can I say? I’m one proud Mama! And he’s pretty proud of himself too!

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1. LaTara - April 25, 2008

Too Cool! Love it when they hit those milestones.

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