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The Right Words… May 10, 2008

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Shiny! Or soon to be, anyway. My next book is now officially out of my hands and off to the printer. The Right Words for Any Occasion will be available in the fall. It’s my third book and second solely authored work. The book is about letter writing and other correspondence that most people will need throughout their lives. I know what you’re thinking…uh oh…another writing reference book. But us writers know that you can never have too many writing books, but this one is geared for non-writers…the very people who may need help composing that sympathy note, writing their first cover letter, or finding a new way to write yet another letter of recommendation for someone. In other words it has social and business correspondence covered. For the parenting set, there’s even a chapter devoted to academic correspondence and another on letter writing for kids, ‘tweens and teens. And, I’d have been remiss if there weren’t a chapter on e-writing — including e-mail, blogging and other electronic correspondence. Of course, that’s not all that’s in there. There are even sample letters and Do-and-Don’t tips and useful words and phrases.

Aside from the big news that it’s off to the printer, (in China, ironically after my many rants about overseas outsourcing), the other big news is that I’ve seen the cover. I actually saw the cover when it was still in the dummy stage. It was nice, but I had a suggestion for a different one. My acquisitions editor thought my idea was good and sent it forth to the art director, but the art director didn’t bite. It’s kind of funny, I’ve gone back and forth about my feelings about the cover. I even asked some of my colleagues at AW about the whole cover art issue, and learned that the author doesn’t usually get a say. (My last two books, I wasn’t as invested in the cover. I don’t know why.) Turns out that while I was lamenting about it, my agent got a sneak peak of it at the London Book Fair. He sent me an e-mail telling me that it looked good, and that I’d be pleased. Talk about kismet. So with my agent’s unsolicited blessing, (and the fact that the final proof was already en route to the land of this year’s Summer Olympics), I set my mind at ease.

So, here it is, in all it’s glory. Tah dah! Scheduled for fall 2008 release: The Right Words for Any Occasion.

Image used with permission, Copyright © Publications International.

So, all in all, I’m excited about it. Now the platform pavement pounding begins. Monday, I get to call my local Borders and get on their fall schedule.

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