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What this mother’s day means to me May 11, 2008

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Oooh! Ahhhh! Another Mother’s Day meme. Today, the blogosphere’s probably chock full of them. But beyond being a mama, and celebrating my third Mother’s Day with my husband and son, this Mother’s Day also marks an important anniversary for me in my writing career.

A year ago, my Mother’s Day gift from my husband was a set of books. Not just any books, mind you … I got the Deluxe Edition of the 2007 edition of the Writer’s Market and Christina Katz’ Writer Mama, and a couple of other writing resources. Nothing that sparked or shone when the light hit it just right. Nothing to make other women wonder “if he got it a Jared.” But they were things that were more valuable and precious than any new piece of raw hunk of crystal or ore harvested from the earth and then transformed into something pretty. (Not that I don’t like jewelry … don’t get me wrong.)

For several days after getting it, I don’t think I put down Writer Mama or the Writer’s Market for that matter. Highlighting. Underlining. Putting stickies on pages. Making my plan of attack. I was dedicated to making a career out of writing in addition to being an editor, solidifying my position as a WAHM and as a writer mama. (It’s still as key a resource now as it was a year ago.) I’d been an editor for over a decade, and had some published works to my credit already, but it was the first time (being a relatively new mama at that point) that my writing and parenting worlds were merging, colliding, morphing.

  • A year later, I’ve received a handful of rejections … and from some pretty cushy publications. But I view those rejections as learning experiences.
  • A year later, I’ve penned my third book, (due in the fall), and become an agented author.
  • A year later, I’ve had about 20 articles published in a variety of media from in-print, online and blogging professionally.
  • A year later, I’m at the half-way point of the first year of publishing theWAHMmagazine.
  • A year later, I’m still learning, searching, growing as a writer (and as a mama).

A lot has happened in this past year. Of course, I’m not satisfied. I’m even more driven … and the negotiations continue: balancing being a writer mama with the schedule, needs and desires of a very active and curious toddler; balancing being a writer mama with the schedule and needs of an also ambitious husband (and of course, the needs of our personal relationship as friends and as a couple).

This Mother’s Day marks a significant milestone for me. I don’t think that I’d be quite where I am without Writer Mama and the countless other writer mamas out there with whom I’ve connected and learned and from whom I’ve gained inspiration. (Too many to give individual shout-outs to — but you all probably know who you are.) (At least I hope you do, because you’re probably in my blogroll — LOL.) And, I can’t not also thank my husband, for catching on and supporting my aspirations, my career and the desire to be a WAHM.

Of course, I’m still learning, still growing, still connecting. Last year was just the beginning of a long (and hopefully fruitful) journey — there is much more to be written, more goals to reach for. For me, this is a very Happy Mother’s Day indeed.

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