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This is why I love working from home… May 30, 2008

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Tishia Lee has tagged me for this meme, which was started yesterday by Kelly McCausey’s post at sparkplugging (formerly emoms at home). It’s funny, because I have been thinking about this lately, but it really gelled when Michael and I got to watch over a baby bird. Mine is a dual photo-essay meme with the text here and the photo essay over at theWAHMmagazine’s Editor’s blog.

But before I start, I will tag three others … so get ready ladies, you’re next: Michele Tune who writes the cyber highway, Amy Mullis, who I am sure will have a humorous spin to place on being a WAHM and Jenn Hollowell, working writer and superWAHM.

There are so many wonderful WAHMs out there, so many great blogs … but alas, I can only pick three (for this post anyway), but I am sure that these wonderful ladies will share and spread the love too!

First, I love working from home because I get to experience my son’s evolution from a tiny nursing babe-in-arms to a stumbling early walker to a curious boy excited about his world, learning about it and exploring it.

I love working from home because of the flexibility, sure it may mean working some “unconventional” hours, but the work still gets done and that’s what matters. I also get to do what I love — writing and editing — and usually on my own terms. I am my own boss, the shaper of my own destiny (with a little help from the Muse of course). I am thankful that we live in an era when working from home has many options, is possible and lucrative, and affords us work-at-home parents with the ability to achieve a different kind of work-life/family life balance.

But it also means that I not only get to be there when my son discovers a baby bird in the back yard, together, we get to watch over him throughout the next day and the day after that when sometime mid-morning, that little bird took flight.

I love being part of the discoveries that Michael makes, ones that were I working away from home, I might miss; ones that I would have to hear about second hand. Of course, as he grows and his world extends beyond Mama, there will be firsts and discoveries that I will not be there to see or share, but I’ll know that I got to be there to watch him until he’s ready to take flight in all of the various forms that it will take throughout his childhood. Now that you’ve read the text, go here to view the slideshow.

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1. Michele - May 30, 2008

I am my own boss, the shaper of my own destiny (with a little help from the Muse of course).

I love that, Erika!

Great job on this meme! I went and checked out the photos on your other blog too. Isn’t that baby bird amazing?! Thanks for sharing those pics with us. I loved when it flew. 😉 Must have made your heart flutter, thinking of your little one ‘flying’ some day…. By the way, he’s SO cute!

I really enjoyed reading both of your posts!

Thanks for tagging me. I’ll get to it soon–promise! Right now, I’m off to meet a deadline….

*goes off to write article, while thoughts of a meme dances in her head*


2. Tishia Lee - May 31, 2008

Thanks for playing along Erika! I enjoyed reading your post.

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