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A huge tranformation June 2, 2008

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A series of unrelated events led to needing a new head shot. I needed one anyway, since the one that I was using was one of those done “on the fly” in the yard, with my husband playing the role of photographer. The giant maple tree that I sat under, while beautiful, cast way too much of a shadow on me. And several friends, who know me in real life have commented that I wasn’t smiling in my old head shot.

Then a few weeks ago, I was struck with a raging case of iritis. Iritis is an inflammation of the iris that causes extreme pain and light sensitivity. It is not fun by any stretch of the imagination. I had it once before, in the ’90s during my first semester of graduate school. Being an art historian, having a sudden and acute vision problem was alarming and scary. This time though, I knew what it was right away, but while not as scary, is still alarming, because as a writer, eyesight is pretty important. It’s all better now, but one of the side-effects, probably more from my age than from the iritis, is that I now have to wear my glasses more often. Far-sighted with an astigmatism, I formerly only needed them for reading and when my eyes got tired. Now, it’s most of the time that I need to wear them, even when my eyes aren’t tired. Why? It’s probably part occupational hazard, part the aging process, also clearly indicated by the new-found strands of silver hairs in my coif. (Somehow, they don’t show up in the photo.)

Follow that delicious development with post-partum hair loss. I knew it was bound to happen, but it’s still disarming to find clumps and clumps of hair coming off in your hands at every turn. So off it went…what was left of it anyway.

So bye-bye braids and hello sassy boy cut.



Well, at the very least, the new head shot makes me look more like a literary professional and less like a hippie-mama, as my darling husband would quip. At least that’s what I’d like to think. And hey, I’m smiling this time.

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1. Michele - June 2, 2008

What a beautiful smile you have! Thanks for sharing the before and after. 🙂

2. tish30lee - June 2, 2008

I love the new picture! You have an amazing smile and you are beautiful 🙂

3. Laurie Ashton - July 8, 2008

I don’t get a before picture, so I can’t compare, but I can tell you that you look absolutely beautiful and vibrant (with no way to tell you had hair loss issues!) in the after.

And if you’re only getting a few silvers, you’re doing great. Of course, I have no idea how old you are, so what do I know… But I have 100% white at the temples, a clump about two inches across. Lovely. Of course, being in firm denial of the aging process (which I am not, by any means, indicating is necessary for anyone other than me), I colour. Henna. And I love what it does for my hair!

About your eyes. I hadn’t heard of iritis before. It doesn’t sound like fun. I have my own problems with light sensitivity going back to when I was four (that I remember). Mine’s caused by a genetic collagen defect and was made worse a few years ago due to the onset of cataracts, also caused by the genetic defect and of early onset. Ain’t aging fun? *muwahahahahahahahahaha!* *giggles*

4. Laurie Ashton - July 8, 2008

I forgot to add… Yeah, sometimes, it’s pretty hard to shut me up, eh? So, I was going to say… When taking outdoor photos of people, even in bright sunlight, use a flash. It’ll get rid of the shadows caused by the bright sun. 🙂

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