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Holy Social Networking, Batman! June 7, 2008

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So recently at Premium Green, there has been much talk about Twitter, for which twitterfeeds have been randomly unreliable lately. Of course, this will probably be the post that gets through with record speed.

So a tweet from Entrepemusings, who’s in my Twitter network (for want of a better term) about an amazing experience that she (and her business) had with blogger Jennifer Laycock led me to several of Mack Collier’s posts at Search Engine Guide. One of the posts was about having a Twitter landing page. An idea, that seems beyond good … in fact, it’s so smart, and so simple, I had a serious “Duh! Of course!” moment, smiting myself upon the head. Mack credited the concept to Chris Brogan and Laura Fitter, each of whom have used the technique. (Guess who’ll be joining the fray of having a Twitter Landing Page next?) Of course, one thing led to another, including following these smart and savvy people, which led to another, and I scooped up the little “get this” mybloglog widget on Chris’s page…which led to a whole other set of social media diversions … setting up my mybloglog account.

Which brought me here:

Undergoing MyBlogLog Verification

So there it is folks … and I await verification and validation. One cool thing was that among the sites listed in the mybloglog communties, were many that I already know, love, trust and frequent. Glad that I’ll be in good company. The other cool thing? In the few hours between my original tweeting and getting here, I gained another follower. Pretty nifty, huh? And now, I just have to make my landing page.



1. social media - June 7, 2008

Things happen. However, Twitter’s constant problems are definitely opening door for other microblogging services.

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