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Tweet, Tweet, Kerplurk! June 12, 2008

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That’s not the sound of a baby bird falling out of its nest and into a puddle. That’s the sound of me joining Plurk, which I first learned about from one of Mack Collier’s Tweets that ended up leading me here. (Thank you @MackCollier, for what are always engaging and informative posts.) I’d been reading Mack’s tweets and blog posts about Plurk and interest was piqued, but I hadn’t popped over to check it out yet, although had bookmarked it to do so later. Then the week got a little crazy between deadlines and Guest Blogging at Metro Mode Media, from which I am now suffering withdrawal. People who know me, know how I love to have a platform to discuss issues around working from home, and huge “thank you” goes out to the editors at Metro Mode for giving me a few minutes of fame. According to Warhol calculations, I think I may have 10 or so minutes left in general, but enough digressions and back to my new favorite diversion.


Tweetering – ger. of the infinitive to tweeter (v.) – the act of Tweeting while tottering on the fence between Twitter and something else. (That’s my definition anyway.)

As everyone knows over in Twitterville, the number of times that it has been down, has been one big, old PITA. Don’t get me wrong, this is not a Twitterbashing post. I still like it, despite the fact that I honestly was getting a bit fed up with the interface between Twitter and Twiterfeed, the latter of which just couldn’t manage to parse the rss feeds to my blogs. Um…okaaaay. First they’d parse. Then, mysteriously there’d be “a back-end problem with Twitter” and there were no blog posts getting through. The Twitterfeed-to-Tweet issue actually turns out to be a good thing, since as @chrisbrogan put it here:

“In services like Twitter, promote your blog posts from time to time. Not EVERY post, but ones where you feel you’ve done well. I never use automatic post-to-twitter links. They just don’t seem to net decent conversations. …”

This just makes good common sense. In other words, choose carefully, wisely and don’t just do it to get traffic if you’re not willing to have a conversation. (At least that’s what I’m drawing from that statement. There are many other practical and important points made, so if you haven’t already clicked my lazily linked link, click it and read what Chris has to say about Growing Your Audience after you finish reading my rambling musings.

Timing is Everything

Still enjoying Twitter, but wanting something … more … I took the plunge when my dear friend @jennydecki sent a tweet to her network to check out Plurk. Up at an unearthly hour as I usually am, I popped over and was surprisingly satisfied, despite initial displeasure with Plurk having troubles when I tried to upload my pict, making me wonder what the big, fat, hairy deal was when it too was experiencing Twitter-like downtime issues. (The issue was resolved quite quickly, and happiness was restored.) The good thing about being able to take a test drive when nobody else was crazy enough to be up at that hour, was that I could just kind of check it out … lurk, if you will. I’m totally loving the timeline format, which you know, has this art historian tingling all over; and the Edward Goreyesque headless animals speak to my twisted sense of humor.  (I’m not going to do a full-blown comparison. If you want that, Mack Collier is your go-to guy.) The bad thing was that I felt terribly unloved with none of my friends still up to play with and a wretchedly low set of karma points. In fact, I’m sure that the e-mail alerts to the “friending” that I did at that obscene hour to my Twitter friends got buried amidst other e-mail that came in at normal viewing hours. Hint, hint, nudge, nudge THWACK!)

Not quite defecting

Am I one of the cool kids yet? Well, based upon my Plurk Karma, that would have to be a big “no,” so for now, I’m maintaining dual citizenship of Twitterville and Plurkistan (a term that I’m borrowing from another Plurker.) Call if official, I’ve joined the revolution. Of course, now I have to add a widget to the blog and all that jazz … but the big questions are: do I need to create a separate Plurk landing page? (LOL) and If a message posted at Twitter is a Tweet, what’s a message posted at Plurk called?

Copyright © 2008 Erika-Marie S. Geiss



1. mackcollier - June 13, 2008

Ericka thanks for the kind words, and glad to you have you on Plurk!

2. Tishia Lee - June 15, 2008

I just can’t stand plurk. The busyness of the page bugs my eyes and just rubs me the wrong way. I still can’t figure out why people like Plurk. Yuck!

3. Erika - June 29, 2008

I need to check my “new comments” folder more often.
Tishia…it’s the threaded conversation aspect. For me, it’s kind of like IM+Forum+Twitter.
Mack, thanks so much for visiting! 🙂

4. Laurie Ashton - July 8, 2008

I guess I’m not one of the cool kids. I’m not on either.

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