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Wave of the future? June 13, 2008

Posted by emsgeiss in Business Issues, shameless self promotion, writing/editing/blogging.
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What happens when American Idol meets the wild, crazy and competitive world of freelance writing? Deb Ng’s innovative approach to finding a blogger/columnist for Freelance Writing Jobs (FWJ), that’s what. For those not in the know, FWJ is one of the top-rated sites for freelance writers, a place that many from the experienced and serious freelancer writer to the novice go for information, to learn, to connect and for job leads.

Last Friday, Deb announced an American Idol-styled contest for the search. Interested applicants were to place their applications in the comments field of the Open Topic for the week, announced on Monday. This week’s topic was the pitch/query letter for this specific position. Between Monday when the topic opened and today at 12 noon, Eastern time when the topic was closed for new entrants, 22 people had thrown their hats into the ring. among them, me. A group of 12 will be selected from the first round, and a new topic will be posted for those 12 to present their responses next week and then voted upon at the end of the week. Then it’s lather, rinse, repeat until there is one person selected.

So, of course I’m asking for your vote, but this isn’t just about voting for Erika, not that I’m going to question any votes in my favor. Unlike Idol, which can turn into a popularity contest and get away from being about who has the pipes and presence for the recording industry, the contest at FWJ is about reading the applications and voting for the person that you think has the best qualifications, skills, street cred and passion for the job.

Deb even states in the instructions for voting:

When voting, please cast your vote with the following in mind:

  • The candidate’s ability to follow directions. One disappointment on my part is I asked candidates to pitch a specific freelance writing niche for their twice weekly blog posts and only a few did so.
  • The candidate’s experience – Is this someone you trust to share ideas and tips with you?
  • The candidates ability to create conversation with you, the FWJ community.

Who knows? Maybe I’ll be the lucky winner, maybe not — but anyway that you look at it, Ng may just be onto something and sparked a new model for how potential employers who have a community-based medium screen job applicants. With that in mind:

View the applications here

Vote here

The game is on!

ETA: Voting is open through Wednesday, June 18 at 12 noon Eastern Time.

Copyright © 2008, Erika-Marie S. Geiss



1. Kaolin Fire - June 13, 2008

Pretty cool. Best of luck 🙂

2. emsgeiss - June 13, 2008

Thanks 🙂

3. jennydecki - June 13, 2008

Voted. Twittered. IM’d people. Hope it helps. Oh, and stumbled the contest page as well as this page!

4. emsgeiss - June 13, 2008

Thanks Jen! 🙂 Hopefully, people will read the pitches too not just vote blindly. I think Deb’s approach to this is really interesting, especially from a social media standpoint.

5. Michele - June 14, 2008

I read through all the entries, Erika, and your entry just really jumped out at me. I could sense your experience, professionalism, passion, and wisdom–it all shined through beautifully! You got my vote. At the moment, you’re in the lead! 😉

Can’t wait to read your posts at Freelance Writing Jobs!


6. emsgeiss - June 14, 2008

Thanks Michele, for your vote of confidence. But, it’s not over ’til it’s over. Wednesday is a long way away–and then, even *if* I make the first cut, the “race to the finish” is quite a way off. 🙂

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