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Here it is, my blog is back. I’ve finally re-joined the blogging world after a (deep breath) four-year hiatus.

I’m a freelance writer and owner of Red Pencil Editing Services, where I provide editing services (duh) for private individuals and small to medium-sized businesses and organizations. I’m a transplant from New England and now a resident of  “the mitten,” for about a decade,  hence the name of my blog—Musings from the Mitten. For the geographically challenged, the mitten is that lovely state with the longest continuous freshwater shoreline in the country-Michigan. It’s not my original home, I hail from Back East, as they say here.

And speaking of hailing…I’d be remiss if I didn’t shout out a hefty and hearty “hail to the victors!” No, I’m not a UMich alumna, just one by injection, as my DH is a double UMich alumnus, our kids, a hopeful legacies.

But enough about them. Welcome to my blog. It’s where you’ll hear me rant or rave, or just randomly muse about things related to writing and editing, being a work-at-home professional (sometimes called a WAHM), being a parent, and other deep thoughts. Lurkers scare me, so feel free to jump in and comment. (Okay, lurkers don’t really scare me, but it’s nice to be able to converse with my readers. And if you have a really cool site, I just may add you to my blogroll. If you think I’m pretty cool too, add me to yours. 😉

Thanks for visiting!

My bio:

Writing and editing professionally for almost two decades, Geiss has a B.A. in developmental psychology from Brandeis University and an M.A. in art and architectural history from Tufts University.

Prior to becoming a full-time freelance writer and running Red Pencil Editing Services, Geiss held positions at the MFA Boston, The University of New Hampshire–Durham, The Rose Art Museum and the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History. Her writing credits include: essays in Monet, Renoir and the Impressionist Landscape, the solely authored The Passion of Christ (Publications International, 2004), and articles in Inkwell Newswatch (IN), Speak to Me, World Energy Monthly Review and The News Herald. Geiss is also the Detroit Early Childhood and Parenting Examiner at Examiner.com. Geiss is also an adjunct faculty member at a local post-secondary institution, where she teaches art history. 

She is also the author of The Right Words (PIL, 2008). Geiss joined Loomis publications in 2006 as a staff copy editor for World Energy Monthly Review and the quarterly World Energy Magazine. She writes about a variety of topics including art history, education, current events, parenting and writing. Geiss was the former host of PIVTR’s Cyber Savvy Show and the creator and Editor-in-Chief of the former theWAHMmagazine, a digital magazine for work-at-home parents. Geiss is a member of the Association of Art Editors, the International Women’s Writing Guild, the Women’s ECommerce Association International and the Freelancer Writer’s Union. Ms. Geiss and her husband are raising their children in the suburbs of Detroit.

Copyright © 2007-2012  Erika-Marie S. Geiss

Erika-Marie S. Geiss, freelance writer, editor, non-fiction author

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