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This is why I love working from home… May 30, 2008

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Tishia Lee has tagged me for this meme, which was started yesterday by Kelly McCausey’s post at sparkplugging (formerly emoms at home). It’s funny, because I have been thinking about this lately, but it really gelled when Michael and I got to watch over a baby bird. Mine is a dual photo-essay meme with the text here and the photo essay over at theWAHMmagazine’s Editor’s blog.

But before I start, I will tag three others … so get ready ladies, you’re next: Michele Tune who writes the cyber highway, Amy Mullis, who I am sure will have a humorous spin to place on being a WAHM and Jenn Hollowell, working writer and superWAHM.

There are so many wonderful WAHMs out there, so many great blogs … but alas, I can only pick three (for this post anyway), but I am sure that these wonderful ladies will share and spread the love too! (more…)


Fear of birth–institutionlized April 20, 2008

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I’ve just finished reading the current issue of Time magazine. My husband grabbed it before I did and after reading the cover story, he was struck by the article by Alice Park “Choosy Mothers Choose Cesareans” about the increase in Cesareans by choice. He got about half-way through and handed it to me, who happens to be one of those women who had a vaginal delivery without any anesthesia. What got me to the laptop was the end of the article, which concluded: “As our ideas about birth evolve, perhaps more women will feel less defensive about making the same choice.” (That is, the choice for an elective C-section.) (more…)