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The Summer Cruise–A Strange Michigan Phenomenon July 26, 2008

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I’m not from Michigan originally. In fact, I’m from Back East…Bahstohn…to be precise. So there are certain Michigan summer traditions that are just anathema to my understanding, things that even after five years of living here, I really still cannot wrap my brain around. Among them are the Summer Cruises. No, no…not that kind of cruise, where you actually board a boat and go somewhere. This is the kind of cruise that involves motor vehicles and occurs on dry land…after all, this is the Motor City. (more…)


Another Black Eye for Detroit April 3, 2008

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It’s been a whopper of a year for Detroit, and it’s only April. So far, aside from job cuts, strikes affecting the auto industry and the worst housing market, we’ve had three big national blows to contribute to the Motor City’s perception of being the nation’s Swamp of Suckiness. Perhaps since bad things come in threes, this will be it for a while, and Detroit can manage to get out of the quagmire…but only with a lot of help.

First, Fit Pregnancy listed Detroit as the worst city to have a baby/raise a child. Second, we have Mayor Kilpatrick to thank for the “Text Message Scandal.” (New York, we feel your pain.) And now, Tuesday’s report from America’s Promise showing Detroit to have the lowest high school graduation rate in urban public schools in the United States.

I’m sure people all over the country, who are aware of these events are wondering why people even live here. Okay, so I don’t actually live in Detroit, but what happens in Detroit does affect the rest of us in the Mitten. (Youppers might disagree, but then again, many call those of us in the Mitten “trolls” since we live “under the bridge.) But I digress. This recent news really has me steaming though. I can deal with Fit Pregnancy’s report–not everyone realizes that they have choices when it comes to where they give birth or how, and that’s an issue for another post. I can almost deal with the mayoral scandal, and will wait to see the developments unfold as they’re reported in every major paper in the state and on every network—including CNN. But as a parent with a child who will be going to school in the not too distant future, the statistics about our public schools are not only appalling, but scary and it doesn’t sit well with me one bit. (more…)