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Brandana: A Discredit to Women in Politics August 1, 2008

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As I watch (and live) the local campaign season, I find myself completely disappointed in one of the Democratic candidates in the race for State Representative for Michigan’s 22nd district, a seat made vacant by the term-limited Hoon Yung Hopgood.  In full disclosure, one of the candidates happens to be my husband, hence my statement about living the campaign season. There are two men vying for the seat and one woman. Sadly, it is the woman, Jill Brandana, who is proving to be a discredit to women in politics regardless of how large the arena is or how high the office. I would say this even if my husband were not one of her opponents. There are five reasons and indisputable facts why. (more…)


Parsing shades of feminism April 18, 2008

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I rarely get this political in here. I tend to keep it on the lighter side, but I’ve found myself grappling with trying to understand a series of events that I did not witness, but have only read about in the last week or so. It has actually taken a week to reach the point of being able to express something coherent (at least I think so) in words, as I found myself up until the wee hours reading blog posts and following the links referenced therein. And while it may seem “a day late and a dollar short,” I think that the only way to really understand it all, is to write about it.