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Market Madness December 9, 2007

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Friday evening, I went to the market after several fruitful hours writing. It was time, we were almost out of everything. Three c-notes poorer, but rich in mostly healthy and delicious food for my family, I left the store with the usual bad taste in my mouth from yet another sucky shopping experience. Like something out of one of the Target sketches from SNL, I endured the questions and strangeness from the cashier and bagger. Why oh why do the clerks at Kroger feel it necessary to question my purchases? Politeness of course, always prevails, and I just play along, trying to hide my growing irritation. I’ve come to expect it, starting with the look as if I’ve sprouted five additional heads as I toss my cloth sacks and two square cloth collapsible bins on the conveyor belt while saying, “No plastic, use these instead.” But this trip, I was getting the curious yet inappropriate commentary from all angles. (more…)


Green just jumped the shark December 4, 2007

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I’m fairly green-tinged. I use reusable oat-bags when I shop instead of plastic, we’ve started buying CFLs among other things, and we’re doing much better with recycling and making more conscientious ecologically responsible personal and household choices.  So, my ears perk up when I hear Green News. But last night, to borrow a phrase from the TV-pop culture world, it officially happened—green  jumped the shark. (more…)

Green Satire? November 8, 2007

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I can see the staff meeting for 30 Rock now.  The writers are all seated around the room, iBooks and convertible PCs on laps and the conference table, all vying to come up with the funniest way to make a social commentary on environmental zealots and industry’s role in climate change, and the media portrayal of climate change and what to do about it.

So, how does NBC save the planet?

a.  A week of green programming equipped with a green peacock?
b. The super hero weirdo, Greenzo?
c. Off-handed quips about the energy industry?
d. A cameo by none other than Oscar-winning, Nobel Peace prize recipient, former Vice President Al Gore?
e. All of the above.

Well, it looks like they picked “e.” But somehow, while the episode was funny, they fell a little short of the mark. A few important messages were imparted–little energy-saving snippets about keeping the ‘fridge shut while you think about what you want from it; how appliances (the T.V. specifically), still draws power even when it’s off; and to buy Energy Star products, which of course, parent company G.E. sells among their product lines.  Hmm. Talk about product placement.  

So for all the green talk and suggestions, stabbing humor about some of the green extremism that’s out there (yeah, “out there” as on the skinny branches) and a chance for Mr. Gore to poke a little fun at himself with his, um, bionic hearing, much wasn’t really said.  

Or was it?

In 30 Rock, if you were really paying attention, they were getting at the issue of balance, not just the issue of being green and saving the planet. They court the dangerous territory of calling groups like Greenpeace quacks and simultaneously show that the often demonized energy industry and  corporate America are in fact making strides towards environmentally friendly products, services and overall measures to combat the effects of climate change. 

Tongue-in-cheek and perhaps a little too subtle, the message probably soared right over the heads of most viewers.


GreenBlog 2: Eco Bags and other musings November 2, 2007

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Earlier in the week, my husband sent me an e-mail with a link to an article and thread at the New York Times on-line. The article was about the New York City council efforts towards reducing and eliminating waste from plastic shopping bags. Not as stringent as the recent ban implemented in San Francisco, it does add Manhattan to the growing list of municipalities trying to take action.

Back in September, like many others on the “eco beat,” I wrote an opinion piece for my local paper (see my clips) about eco bags as an alternative to the plastic shopping bag offering cost-effective ways for the average person to do it. So you can see why my husband sent me the link. What he didn’t realize was the monster that he’d created by doing so. (Actually, he probably did realize it.) I had to jump into the conversation, as the topic was met with both commendations and condemnations. (more…)

GreenBlog 1: Review–FrunchyMama Magazine November 2, 2007

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The first issue of FrunchyMama Magazine has just launched! I, for one, am really excited about this new publication. It is filled with information about the issues that are relevant to parents/families who are interested in natural, earth-friendly, green and organic lifestyles. FrunchyMama Magazine contains articles about consumer issues, alternative health issues and general lifestyle issues. The magazine also features a teen column, a dad’s column and first-person mama stories as well. FrunchyMama Magazine should be a welcome compliment and resource for anyone looking to start, continue or enhance a greener, more natural way of life. (more…)