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The pen war May 13, 2008

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I‘ve always had a great love for pens — all writing utensils, actually. Even from young, there was something about having a good pen that ranked among one of life’s important necessities. And while a perfectly sharpened, brand-new No. 2 pencil was a joy to write with, the pen was supreme. Make it a fountain pen and I was all a-tingle. Perhaps, it was a sign that I was destined to be a writer. Perhaps I was just a freak. Maybe both.

One can imagine then, the great pride I take in selecting my manual writing tools, even the mundane ones for daily writing tasks.

Both my husband and son are also quite enamored with my pens.



Holy E-mail, Batman April 13, 2008

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Like most people, I have way too many e-mail accounts. Seriously. It’s nuts. I even have e-mail accounts that I don’t use for various reasons and can’t even remember the login and password combos. It’s sick.

Here’s how bad it is: (more…)

What’s in a number? April 2, 2008

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We tend to imbue numbers with meanings…why, I have no idea. I’m not a numerologist. Most people however do have lucky and unlucky numbers and some of these number issues are cultural. The lucky number seven for example; the unlucky thirteen. For me, when I was playing varsity sports, my lucky number was three. My soccer coach never let anyone have the numbers one or ten (one, because soccer is a team sport and there is was “no number one” in his mind, and ten because that was Pele’s number, and he didn’t want any of us to get cocky thinking that we were Pele.) Yeah, I just dated myself.

Thirteen also has significance as being unlucky and some New York City buildings are reported to not even have a thirteenth floor, which is actually dumb, since you can’t go from twelve to fourteen without it. But, that’s what superstitions are…largely ridiculous.

The number six, when in a series of three (you can see my own superstition manifesting itself as you read this), is also one of those numbers. Yeah, I know what and who it represents and why, being a good little Catholic girl, seeing the number (and attached to something related to me) kind of makes me cringe. Of course, I also know that I only give it weight, by even worrying about it. And at the AW Water Cooler, I soon will hit that number of posts. And I’m wondering, what will happen when I do? Will the number be revealed beneath my avatar? Will my avatar sprout horns and a pitch fork? Will my post six-hundred-sixty-sixth post explode? Or will it be a non event and just another post? I’m figuring that it will be the latter, of course, because hell, it is just another number. (And 777 is only 111 posts away.)

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Choices January 23, 2008

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My son, who will be two in about two-and-a-half weeks, has been making some interesting decisions lately. They have been unprompted and made completely on his own. I never realized how early decision making starts, even with an undergraduate degree in developmental psychology. As parents, as our little ones grow more autonomous, at some point, we try to encourage their decision-making skills with questions like: “Do you want broccoli or peas?” (more…)

Mama, step away from the camera December 31, 2007

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Between digital cameras and cell phones, as parents today, we have opportunities for hysterically funny candids of our kids that our parents never had.  Sure there were Instamatics, back then, but that’s not quite the same thing as capturing your child in mid-whatever at a moment’s notice.  (Plus, carrying an Instamatic and its film around is a little less convenient than flipping open your Razr.) My husband and I (and countless other parents) easily have thousands of pictures that truly capture our kids being themselves. 

Today, however, I reached a new low in candid-mama-cam. 


Pushing Forty December 31, 2007

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We celebrated my husband’s 38th birthday the other night. He and one of our dear friends share the same birthday, so every year, our  little group of friends always gets together for a joint birthday party of sorts.  We secured our sitter earlier in the month, and were smart enough to secure her for New Year’s Eve (tonight) as well.  He is now officially in his “late 30s,” as he likes to call it with 40, lurking just around the bend. What’s funny is that we met almost 20 years ago in college, and at a time when 40 seemed a lifetime away, when 40 wasn’t even on our minds—it seemed old; the potential onslaught of …*gasp*… 30 was near enough. Thirty came and went with little drama, and forty doesn’t seem like it will seem to bad either. (Catch me in ten months though, when I join him in the late 30s and I might have another story though, for now, I can relish in still being in my mid-thirties and stick my tongue out at my elder.) 


Tag. Tagging. Tagged. Will Tag. December 11, 2007

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Ah, the word “Tag.” It has so many meanings. 

For my son, the Amazing Toddler, it means chasing Mama around the house, screaming and giggling with the utmost glee—the kind of glee you wish you could bottle and use on a gloomy day. 

For our mothers and grandmothers and doting aunts, it’s that annoying thing with the size and washing instructions on it that always seems to stick up from your shirt that they must flatten for you—incessantly. 

For graffiti artists and gangbangers alike, it means spray painting your colors or the name of your “crew” upon public surfaces.

For Gen-Xers and Gen-Yers it means trying to “hook up” or “knock boots” as in the phrase “tag that ass” often used by beergoggling fratboys hoping to score. 

But in the blogosphere, it means that you have been selected by a fellow blogger to  participate in a textual social chain event. (more…)

Ch-ch-ch-Chia! December 9, 2007

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This is one of my all-time favorite posts, so I’ve made it sticky just in time for the holiday season. 
(You’re welcome.)
-E (12.13.12)


It’s Christmastime again
and the Chia Pet commercials are everywhere.

Apparently, Chia Pets don’t seem to sell at any other time of the year. I’m thinking that they might make a great gift for the White Elephant party that my husband and I have been invited to, where you have to bring a tacky gift, instead of a “real” gift, but we’re still on the fence about that one. 

The concept of actually buying a Chia Pet made me think, and I realized that I don’t believe I know anyone who really has one, despite the fact that you can get them at CVS, Walmart, K-mart and other fine stores. 

This of course led me down another path of bizarre logic. Since their “watch it grow” inception in the ’70s, we’ve had the Original Chia Pet, Chia Daffy, Chia Buggs, the Chia Head and many other Chia charaters. There’s now even Chia Cat Nip, so your furry friend can get in on the Chia action.  But what about the Chias that never made it to market? Here are a few, and warning, these are not for the easily offended. (more…)