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The Germ Factory February 3, 2008

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The last week and change has been spent fighting the War on Germs. Mama lost the battle, and for the last three days, she has found herself trying to reclaim her former good health.

I should not be surprised. I always get a cold this time of year. Even the year that my son was born, I was not exempt. And apparently, I seem to have shared this annual tradition with the little guy. I should have seen it coming. (more…)


Mama, step away from the camera December 31, 2007

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Between digital cameras and cell phones, as parents today, we have opportunities for hysterically funny candids of our kids that our parents never had.  Sure there were Instamatics, back then, but that’s not quite the same thing as capturing your child in mid-whatever at a moment’s notice.  (Plus, carrying an Instamatic and its film around is a little less convenient than flipping open your Razr.) My husband and I (and countless other parents) easily have thousands of pictures that truly capture our kids being themselves. 

Today, however, I reached a new low in candid-mama-cam. 


So this is what’s meant by “No Child Left Behind.” December 22, 2007

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Yesterday, I had to do a few quick errands, which meant driving straight into the Lion’s Den, also known as the one-mile square radius of the major shopping mall in our city.  My usual route to that neck of the woods was backed up, so I took a detour, which led me down the street where one of our city’s two high schools is.  Driving along, passing some kids with backpacks and others curiously without any, I noticed the school’s street-side marquis.

It read, and I kid you not, “Holiday Recess. 12-22-07 Thru 1-7-08.”  Certainly my eyes were deceiving me. I must have been distracted by Viggo Mortgensen’s voice on NPR as he discussed his most-recent film.  Certainly a schoolhad not spelled “through” as “T-H-R-U” on its marquis, and especially not the school that is literally walking distance from the Board of Education.  I wished for one brief second that my cell had been close enough and that I’d been stopped in traffic in front of the marquis, so that I could snap a picture. It was fodder for a blog post. (more…)

Tag. Tagging. Tagged. Will Tag. December 11, 2007

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Ah, the word “Tag.” It has so many meanings. 

For my son, the Amazing Toddler, it means chasing Mama around the house, screaming and giggling with the utmost glee—the kind of glee you wish you could bottle and use on a gloomy day. 

For our mothers and grandmothers and doting aunts, it’s that annoying thing with the size and washing instructions on it that always seems to stick up from your shirt that they must flatten for you—incessantly. 

For graffiti artists and gangbangers alike, it means spray painting your colors or the name of your “crew” upon public surfaces.

For Gen-Xers and Gen-Yers it means trying to “hook up” or “knock boots” as in the phrase “tag that ass” often used by beergoggling fratboys hoping to score. 

But in the blogosphere, it means that you have been selected by a fellow blogger to  participate in a textual social chain event. (more…)

An Unfolding Writer Perhaps December 6, 2007

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Unfolding. This is what my toddler is doing. I watch the process daily, and sometimes, much in the way that I used to spend the early days of his life, I just watch him—stare even.  I watch the wheels turning as he thinks about something. I muse over the things that I realize he understands and tries to master, like one of his latest obsessions with “writing” with me, where he insists that he must write with me on my manuscript paper, each of us taking turns with the pen.  Sure it’s a bit of a distraction, but most days, I don’t mind, and I know that if it’s something at a super important stage, I don’t do it where he can get to it.   (more…)

Green just jumped the shark December 4, 2007

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I’m fairly green-tinged. I use reusable oat-bags when I shop instead of plastic, we’ve started buying CFLs among other things, and we’re doing much better with recycling and making more conscientious ecologically responsible personal and household choices.  So, my ears perk up when I hear Green News. But last night, to borrow a phrase from the TV-pop culture world, it officially happened—green  jumped the shark. (more…)

Mustering my strength November 20, 2007

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The last 24 hours or so have been interesting to say the least. My little guy fell down the stairs, and at 21 months sustained a fracture to his left humerus (upper arm bone) about a third of the way between the elbow and the shoulder. So as my husband and I attend to our little one, who now has a brand-spanking new blue cast, I’m mustering my strength. (more…)

Papa gets busted! November 7, 2007

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Busted by a toddler, that is. The other day, in the midst of raking leaves and doing what was probably the last mowing of the year, my husband came inside to grab something to drink and go to the bathroom. Our son loves the bathroom, so as soon as he hears a bathroom door open in our house, he comes scampering to check out what’s going on. My husband and I have turned “bathroom interruptions” into toileting preparation. After covering the toilet, we let our son do the flush and say “bye, bye.”  He takes great delight in this “job.” Then we wash hands.  Well, this time, Papa had finished and flushed, but before the boy caught up with him in the bathroom. As Papa started to leave the bathroom, he was encountered by 30-some-odd inches of child, pushing him back into the bathroom. Pinning him between the door and the sink, our son grabs his step-stool, pushes Papa aside, places the step stool at the sink and gets on it, motioning to the faucet.

I hear my husband laugh and say, “Well yes, you are absolutely right, Papa should wash his hands. I guess I’ve been busted.”  And wash they did.

Note: My husband does usually wash after using the bathroom. 😉

Babyhood…going, going… November 3, 2007

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My little guy will be 21 months old in a few days. In every way, he is a full-fledged toddler. He has moments of “showing his two” as we call it in our house, choosing to avoid the phrase “terrible two” within his earshot. But most of the time, even when “showing his two,” he’s an absolute joy–curiosity overflowing, trying new things, asserting his independence and sense of adventure. Each new discovery becomes a rediscovery for us, sometimes something we hadn’t looked at before or in a long time, and certainly not from the perspective that is uniquely his. (more…)

GreenBlog 1: Review–FrunchyMama Magazine November 2, 2007

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The first issue of FrunchyMama Magazine has just launched! I, for one, am really excited about this new publication. It is filled with information about the issues that are relevant to parents/families who are interested in natural, earth-friendly, green and organic lifestyles. FrunchyMama Magazine contains articles about consumer issues, alternative health issues and general lifestyle issues. The magazine also features a teen column, a dad’s column and first-person mama stories as well. FrunchyMama Magazine should be a welcome compliment and resource for anyone looking to start, continue or enhance a greener, more natural way of life. (more…)