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Networking…or is it ‘net working? December 1, 2007

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For us writers, (and others who work from home) it’s a little bit of both. And hopefully, since we often rely on the Internet, we always hope that our ‘nets are working.

It’s December, a new month, and that means posting our goals in the JHS forum at Absolute Write. We help each other, encourage each other offer support. It’s more than just another forum…we really do network, but in ways that is beyond just talking about your work or promoting your products and services.  My goals this month are to finish some articles due in December and continue work on theWAHMmagazine, which launches January 5, 2008.

November was very much about networking for me. Joining various groups like Ryze, Linked In, Facebook and the Mom Blog network and presenting at Business and Learning’s WAH Expo. (more…)


Networking Rewards: WAH Expo day three November 15, 2007

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Today was the third and final day of the WAH Expo.  Again, another day of great speakers and presentations. I had my first public presentation about theWAHMmagazine and shared about its conception, format and a bit about the big launch.

The rewards of networking programs like this are manifold. You not only benefit by learning from others, but getting to put yourself out there, if you’re a presenter and share your information and expertise. For writers, especially non-fiction writers, this kind of forum is perfect for platform building.

This is going to be a short post tonight. There is a lot to process. Contacts and leads to follow up on. Connections to maintain.  And a brainstorming session to attend. 🙂

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Networking Rewards: WAH Expo day two November 14, 2007

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Today was the second day of the WAH Expoand it continues to be among the most valuable professional experiences that I’ve had in some time.  Today was also a challenge for me, as Mama’s professional needs were at odds with the toddler’s needs. He was having a particularly “no good very bad day” and it was definitely an exercise in balance. 

Among the greatest presentations that I was able to attend was the last presentation of the evening by Whitney Hoffman on working from home with children with special needs. Her tools and tips showed how to achieve balance, order and personal organization…for yourself, your work, your household, your kids even if you don’t have a child with a disability. She spoke about the realities of working from home with children who require a different kind of attention, but I found them applicable to any work-from-home parenting situation.

 Another great day of networking and learning.

 Tomorrow, I’m on deck to present at 1:30 about theWAHMmagazine.

Networking Rewards October 31, 2007

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A couple of weeks ago I started networking at business and learning’s Tuesday night chats. (Every Tuesday at 9 p.m., EST.) A fellow AW member introduced me to site. I have been learning so much and the camaraderie is delightful. Business & Learning also holds the Work at Home Expo, a three-day on-line event, which this year is Nov. 13-15, and I managed to work up the courage to not just attend (registration is free to attend), but also be a presenter. I’ll be presenting about theWAHMmagazine, my latest venture. 

Last night in addition to having our usual networking chat, we also did Web site critiques. Everybody should do that. You get such good feedback about how your site looks in other browsers, in other platforms and honest feedback about what works and doesn’t work with your site and how to make it better.  I felt that what I got was a lot like what I give when I edit for my clients. When you design your site, like with writing, you are too close to it to really be objective about how it looks and functions.  So to have a second (third or fourth) pair of eyes look at it from the objective point-of-view of someone who hasn’t anything personal to gain or lose, is a tremendous experience. What’s more, to have respected professionals like Tammy Munson and Wendy Cooper, who run business and learning and the WAH Expo, and Shannon Cherry—who is a featured speaker at this year’s WAH Expo, was mind-blowing.  The input from everyone who participated was great.  If it weren’t for some much-needed sleep and having a couple of deadlines to meet, I’d have gone straight to my design program and started making the suggested changes.   It was truly a rewarding experience, and I can’t wait for the next networking chat or for the Expo!